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This is a site for anyone that is interested in theories and experiences of self healing, innerwork, energy work, shaman work, indigenous healing, complementary medicine, holistic health, energy medicine, awenydd, paqo, shamanic, medicine people work, munay ki, relaxation exercises, meditation, energy clearing, reconnection with self, nature and ‘source’, personal development, inner truth seeking, spiritual exploring, self empowerment, self-actualisation, consciously co-creating our reality and similar explorations. This site is just a dip in the ocean for all of this and if the above applies to you, my wish would be (if I could wish for you) for your dip here to be useful for you. If you have any questions feel free to ask. You can contact me through the contact form here , through Whatsapp +447472266952 and through Skype: Creuynni.

 As well as the information on this site, I also offer one to one sessions and individual/group training worldwide at various events, workplaces and also via Skype, Messenger, phone call and Whatsapp. Audiobooks with guided exercises are also on the way. 

For those wondering where is this work on this site from? The short answer would be: experience. The experiences of my own and of others – known by some as the ‘awen’. To me, this can be the work of the awenydd, to facilitate that inner wisdom, insights and creativity that comes from experience of this awen.
To come from a place of direct access to this wisdom, from direct experience, seems to me particularly important at this time.

The awen with the techniques, the learning, I see as a flowing and evolving body – a river of wisdom and experience, that anyone at any time can tap into and draw from, that anyone at at anytime can add to too with their experiences and learning. And those of us who dip in and share this wisdom and inspiration, the ‘awenydd’.  Something I feel that all of us most likely have already done at some points in time – those times when we’ve made those inner realisations ourselves before finding others have thought similar ways, to take one example, or maybe when we feel like we knew something but we didn’t know how we knew it. Some may suggest this is in our DNA – I feel that DNA can be seen as part of the awen, though I feel it is more than that. Some have asked if this is the ‘Akashic records’ – again I feel that these are part of the awen, and the awen encompasses even more than that.
this work
is simply one of the works that are consciously increasing this access with a number of techniques and practices to do so.
This is something too, I feel that this is what so many great teachers and students over centuries have done over the years… and still do…something we all have the potential to do. And more more of us that do this, the richer the tapestry that we co-create. I have assisted so many access their innerwisdom that I have experienced for myself the depths of innerwisdom that we all have. Still, after all this time, this amazing insights, lessons, learning, gifts can take my breath away.

So while techniques can be pinpointed to places like Peru, Cymru, ‘Celtic’, Four Winds Society, Pyrenees, nature, the earth and more, this work can also laugh at the idea of time and space confinements, and instead be boundary-free – accessible to any that wish to access it.
To take just one example, I remember learning from experience a technique new to me when connecting and meditating with the earth in Cymru, that I later found to be a technique used in Mexico. This suggested to me even more – this awen we can dip into anytime, anywhere – if wisdom is there to be found – it can be and is found by multiple people in multiple places.

And I give deep respect and appreciation to all those that have done this and shared this – assisting me to be able to share so much of this with you today. I do not own any of this wisdom. Again, to me this is boundary-less and belongs to no-one yet everyone.

Being of assistance to individuals accessing their inner power, inner wisdom,  nature wisdom, land wisdom, universal wisdom – the awen, gives me much joy and feelings of fulfillment and being of use to this world. I feel very lucky to be able to share this with you.

Disclaimer: In my first in depth of depths training, the wisdom and techniques on the courses were presented, which to me in a way said ‘This is what we find, from our experience, is likely to be true. This is what works for us, now you can try it, find if it works for you’.
And I found this did work for me – assisting me with so much in so many ways.
I also found this way of learning through direct experience suited me and my logical, open minded sceptic, questioning mind.
Now, I offer the work to you in the same way. If i ever sound like i’m saying ‘this is how it definitely is’, please read it for ‘This is what i find most likely to be true or worth considering, based on my experiences and learning’ and maybe sometime, if you choose to, you can try and see if it rings true and works for you. And if you wish for assistance from me to do that one to one in a group, I’m here for you.

For those that have asked for more details about my personal story, for you: Author of this site.

 photo by meirion wynn roberts


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