About this site…


This is a site for anyone that is interested in theories, practices and experiences of self healing, self-empowerment, self-actualisation, innerwork, energy work, shaman work, shamanic healing, indigenous healing, complementary medicine, holistic health, energy medicine, awenydd, medicine wheel work, meditation, reconnection, personal and professional development, training, inner truth seeking, spiritual exploring, conscious co-creation and similar explorations.

This site is just a dip in the ocean for all of this. I also offer one to one and group training and sessions You can book these through the contact form here , through Whatsapp/Signal +447472266952 and through Skype: Creuynni. There is also a mailing list to be kept updated with events, audiobook releases etc.

For those wondering where this work on this site is from?
To me it is from the ‘awen’ – that inner, nature and universal wisdom and experience that we can all access – and add to. This is the work of the awenydd to access and facilitate that access to inner wisdom, insights and creativity that comes from experience of this. This can be worked with in so many ways – to receive insights, to assist self, to assist others with their self-healing – this is also the work of the bards, the poets, the musicians, the storytellers who dip into the inspiration of the awen and share what flows through there.

The awen with the techniques, the learning, I see as a flowing and evolving body – a river of wisdom and experience, that anyone at any time can tap into and draw from, that anyone at at anytime can add to too with their experiences and learning. Like the great teachers and students, the artists and storytellers have, like I’m guessing you have. And those of us who consciously dip in and share this wisdom and inspiration, there is the term ‘awenydd’.

And this work is simply one of the works that are consciously increasing this access to the awen – this inner and outer wisdom with a number of techniques and practices to do so. Working with others as they access their infinite wisdom still awe-inspires me, even now.

So while techniques can be pinpointed to places, teachers, books, nature, the earth and more, to me this work came through these places – from the awen. This has been affirmed by myself finding practices through my own experiences that I have later found in practices from other parts of the world. To me, this wisdom belongs to no-one, yet everyone. And I do feel that we all have the potential to access this. And that we do access this on a regular basis.

This is stated with deep respect and appreciation to all those that the wisdom and practices has flowed through. This has helped enable to share so much of this with you. And perhaps some day, you will share with me too.

There are many menus and sub menus to be found on this site, from information about me to the sessions and workshops that I do, to sharing experience and practical exercises that you can do at home. I have much more to add. You can ask me any questions by contacting me.

Disclaimer: If I ever sound like I’m saying ‘this is how it definitely is’, please read it for ‘This is what i find most likely to be true or worth considering, based on my experiences and maybe sometime, if you choose to, you can try and see if it rings true and works for you 

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