about this site…


this is a site for anyone that is interested in theories and experiences of self healing, energy work, indigenous healing, complementary medicine, holistic health, energy medicine, paqo/shaman/medicine people work, munay ki, relaxation exercises, meditation, energy clearing, reconnection with self, nature and ‘source’, personal development, inner truth seeking, spiritual exploring, self empowerment, consciously co-creating our reality and similar explorations 🙂

as well as sharing the experiences here, i share sessionsworkshops and training so some of these pages some pages are for those interested in training with me to find more information about this work and many are for use as workshop and training handouts.

where is this work on this site from? the short answer would be: experience. to me this work we work with comes from a flowing body of wisdom and experience, that anyone at any time can tap into, gain insights, learning and more…. that anyone at at anytime can add to too with their experiences and learning. and a lot of this work to me is about finding our inner wisdom. so these techniques can be pinpointed to places like peru, cymru, celtic, four winds society, pyrenees, nature and more….but to me they are also boundaryless and accessible to any that wish to access it. if i can be of assistance to individuals accessing their inner power, inner wisdom, their connecting with themselves, with nature and this flowing universal river of wisdom and experiences…. that is beautiful to me.

it is said that we all have it within us to heal ourselves, and sessions, workshops and the training can assist with this, giving us techniques and processes that can connect us to this inner wisdom and self-healing abilities, and bring the self back into balance where healing and transformation can more easily occur. they are frameworks,  guides and processes to assist….and also springboards into finding our own inner knowing… that may be common with many others…. but come from ourselves….and from our experiences….

in much of my training, the wisdom on the courses were presented to me in a way that said ‘this is what we find is likely to be true. this is what works for us, now you can try it, find if it works for you’…. and i found what worked for me…  and so i learned through experience, rather than just being told it.

i offer the words and techniques and processes to you on this site, in sessions, and in workshops, in the same way….if i ever sound like i’m saying ‘this is how it definitely is’, please read it for ‘this is what i find most likely to be true or worth considering, based on my experiences and learning’ and maybe sometime, if you choose to, you can try and see if it rings true and works for you.

author of this site : k.creuynni

 photo by meirion wynn roberts


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