Winter Solstice Haywarisqa Ceremony :)

227945_464292613615871_338707365_nA haywarisqa is also known as a ‘despacho’ (the Spanish translation for the Quechua word). Worked with in the Q’ero tradition, despacho ceremonies are held for a variety of reasons. Many are given to give gratitude for the present and our past as well as setting wishes and intentions for the future. They are also worked with to grow ‘ayni’; ‘right relationship’ of our inner selves with our outer world around us. Working at the energetic, soul, mind and physical levels, it also can bring these aspects of ourselves into ayni with eachother. These ceremonies, though having the same precepts and general structures are free flowing and can be (and are) adapted to a number of occasions.

This haywarisqa ceremony has been adapted for the winter solstice this week, to celebrate the sun and our journey of our turning towards the sun, as we begin our tilt of the earth towards the sun again. Feel free to explore and experiment with and enjoy.


~ A large piece of paper….for example a sheet of wrapping paper, folded into thirds one way, then the other, so that when opened out, the outline of nine squares can be seen.

~ A collection of small, natural burnable and compostable materials. These are to represent our gratitude and wishes for the ceremony. There are lists available about what certain objects can represent, but it is beautiful when individuals find materials that represent for them their offerings of gratitude and wishes.

~ K’intus. These are three leaves, held together in an open or closed fan shape, representing the inner, middle and upper worlds, and also our past present and future.

~ Our intention. The intention for this solstice haywarisqa ceremony at the time where the earth’s axis is so that the sun appears to ‘stand still’, is to give gratitude and honouring of the sun, and of our journey to tilt again towards the sun.

~ Our gratitude and our wishes that align with our intention….these can be prepared ahead of the ceremony and they also occur naturally through the ceremony.

1471352_664492850262512_898059903_n (1)


Its great to begin each ceremony with ‘opening sacred space’, calling in the directions, asking universal creating energies to hold us in sacred space. It is beautiful to be held with this protection and love and intention, especially when working in this work, so I do recommend it and our way of doing this is on my website, but this ceremony can also be done as it is.

Then laying the paper unfolded on the floor, we gather round the paper.

A layer of k’intus is then placed on this paper, blowing into these leaves our intention for this ceremony, our love and honouring for the sun. To ‘blow in’, these intentions and gratitude, we gather up our gratitude, our wishes, our love on our in-breath, and blow this out into the leaves on our outbreath, informing and releasing these to the leaves, placing them on the paper, offering these as a gift of thanks and wishes to the sun. These intentions, gratitude and wishes can be voiced, or shared silently. It is beautiful to hear those that are voiced.

Then we work in layers connected with the elements and then of ‘source’ ‘great spirit’ (or whichever name you choose to utilise for this creating, source energy). Each layer provides a guiding focus and structure for our honouring, but they are permeable layers…that is, if we are working at the air layer, and a wish of thanks for something connected to say , the earth layer, or source layer,  or something outside these layers, comes to us, we can still blow that wish in at that time.

We begin these next layers with a layer connected to the earth. In this layer we blow into our chosen natural materials (just as we did with our k’intus) our gratitude and wishes for the sun that are connected with the earth. These can include our thanks for the gifts of the sun for our earth, and the benefits that has for us too. We can also blow in our wishes and intention for the coming time of our tilting towards the sun again. With doing so, we can also release the past, clearing the way for the future to come in, and, with our wishes, we can set our intention for what we would like to come in.

We then follow this with a layer of natural materials informed with our breath our honouring of the sun connected with water, then fire, then air, and then ‘source, creating energy’.

Then we can, if we choose, follow with another layer of k’intus, giving thanks to the sun for its affects our inner, middle, and ‘upper’ (‘higher’ consciousness) worlds.

Then we take a moment to look at what we have made. Drumming, music, song, pure breath can be added at this time (or indeed any other time during the ceremony).

When ready, we fold the paper in its folded lines into a parcel. This parcel can be tied with string or ribbon as a gift.

{ This parcel can, if chosen to, be wrapped in a cloth, and each person ‘smudged’ with this haywarisqa; moving the parcel from crown to feet over the body, cleansing and clearing the energy field of the individual, and informing our energy fields with the thanks and intentions we have offered to the sun }

Then we give the parcel to the earth, water or fire. Fire being particularly appropriate for this winter solstice haywarisqa, it can be placed on a fire, but it can also be buried in the earth or released into a river, a lake or similar. When doing so we often turn away, which can signify the letting go of our offerings and the letting go of the outcome of this ceremony.

You can follow this how you feel too,,,,more singing and drumming is great.

Then we close sacred space, giving thanks in turn to each of the directions and the universal creating life force energies that held us in such beautiful sacred space.

1 thought on “Winter Solstice Haywarisqa Ceremony :)

  1. I was asked if there was something little that can be done to honour the solstice too,if busy at that time, here are some ideas:

    for a quicker way, you could always do a version of what we do at our fire ceremony…take a twig, blow into it using your intention and connection and breath, what you wish to release from the past, in this case solar ‘year’ and put it to fire, earth or water (e.g. river, stream, lake, sea).
    then if you choose you can choose another twig or other natural object and blow in and inform it of what you would wish and give that to fire/water or earth

    and/or you could blow into a twig the thanks you have for the sun, all the assistance and benefits its given you this solar year and give it to fire/earth/water.

    or even just acknowledge that gratitude for the sun straight to the sun itself, and consider the
    things you are releasing from the past solar year, and with intention release it, maybe straight to the earth or sun with intention, and set your wishes for the year ahead, what you would like to bring in….

    or anything else you can think of…..

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