‘let food be thy medicine’ ;)

Detox Diet! Well ‘tis the season…!

I’m only kidding 😉

I often get questions about the way I eat (I wouldn’t really call it a diet), especially as this has played a big part in my healing journey.

When I look at the various ‘diets’ out there, I sometimes tease that one day I’ll make my own based on what my body has told me is good for me, and make out that something so individual to me can somehow apply for all the rest of the population with all our individuality and body types.

If I were to suggest something though…. (please add the usual disclaimer about consulting nutritionist, expert one to one support, researching nutrition etc here)… it would be to…

~ keep a food diary, including how you feel physically and emotionally 1 hour after the meal, and 3 hours after the meal (and/or any other time you find suits you). This food diary can be kept in your head or written down…something like this:

What I ate/drank. How I feel physically after 1hr. How I feel emotionally after 1hr. How I feel physically
after 3hrs.
How I feel emotionally
after 3hrs.

(Can you tell I did mine in my head? 😉 )

Then over time, you can use this food diary to see if any patterns can be found, noticing if feeling not good physically and/emotionally keeps corresponding with when you’d had certain food(s). The kinda things to look out for can include: fatigue, bloating, digestive problems, mood swings, pain or conversely for food that does agree with you: feeling particularly good physically and emotionally, increased energy etc.

If any possibilities stand out, then it can be time to experiment…trying taking them out of meals/snacks for a few weeks, see if there is any difference to physical/emotional states. Then, if you want to make sure, you can try introducing them back into your eating to double check if it was affecting you.
(It’s worth noting though, that it can be more than one food that is triggering unhelpful responses, and when re-introducing the food to check, it can be a few meals for the affects of the intolerance/sensitivity to be observable.  It can be like the body can handle a little of that food that doesn’t agree with, it is efficient of getting rid of things that don’t agree with us, but too much of it is too much for the body to handle ).

Over time, and increasing the foods that do make you feel good, you can build up the way of eating that is best for you.

Rather than a detox, this can be more of a bringing out of the eating/drinking foods that your body finds ‘toxic’ (or rather reacts as if it’s a toxin). then, with less ‘toxins’ coming in, then there is less/no need for a ‘detox’ in the first place. This can be extended too, to other ‘toxins’ in your life, from the bleach or other chemicals in washing powder to washing up liquid, to chemical laden shampoos that all have less ‘toxic’ alternatives…not to mention cigarettes etc…and less toxins in, then there is less work for the body to do to get those toxins out…and less/no need for ‘detox’). And it can be an increasing of foods that do agree with your body.

It might surprise you.

It did me. I wouldn’t have guessed that changes the observing and experimenting this way made. I was worried at one point when I had really tailored it carefully, that I wasn’t getting enough protein (and of course, if you are doing this, adding the researching of nutrition from a wide variety of sources is also highly recommended)…then I researched even deeper…and….turns out… I was getting enough protein…that we need less than I had been led to believe, and it is in more foods than my previous research in this area suggested, and particularly in one of my favourite foods that I have regularly. If really worried, hair testing is also available to help check your levels, and that can also give you pointers to what kind of foods to look out for, that could benefit you for their nutrients, or point out something you might want to look at (in my case, it was just that i probably ought to cut down/bring out added salt…which, funnily enough also improved my health a good deal  😉 )

I’ve heard that kinesiology can do all this process much quicker. Just with simple muscle testing, give you information on foods to leave out. Now, I haven’t tried this so I can’t vouch for it, but if it works ok, then it would save a lot of time….it’s taken years for me to work all this out and tailor my eating to one that suits my body.
If I were to use the kinesiology, I think I would still experiment, taking that information as pointers of which foods to bring out, just to make doubly sure, but that’s just me ;).
However, the longer approach of observation and experimentation also suited me in a way, as, for me, i’m not keen on saying so, but, it appears, i personally needed gradual changes, getting used to each change first before embarking on another. I would have loved to have been able to make all the changes I needed to make straight away. My health could have been so much better, so much earlier, and i imagine the more I would have been able to do over recent years. However, I’m happy to get where I am at all. So, unlike other lucky people who can make all those changes just like ‘that’, and get those benefit more quickly, I took that slow route of first bringing out one food that didn’t agree with me, then another, while gradually increasing the foods that do agree with me… gradually increasing my health and well being each time.

I could give you my ways of eating that agrees most with my body (and will do if you really want it and e-mail me), and I have, when comparing notes and experiences with others, found that there are many others who have found the same ways of eating has significant benefits on their health. However, even so, I wouldn’t generalise and say that is definitely the best for everyone else too. What I will do here though, is to give you a list of possible foods to look out for to give you a head start, common triggers for a number of people I’ve found:

Gluten – a biggie. Not quite seen an explanation that I’m fully convinced of why, but I have sure seen the effects of gluten on a number of people, as has a recent study.

Dairy – another biggie, again very common. This is more understandable.

Eggs. Ditto.

Sugar. Again, another common biggie.


Salt. (added salt, particularly table salt, rather than the sodium naturally present in most fruit and vegetables).

Processed food.




Artificial Sweeteners.

Various E numbers.

Bananas (I’m so glad that I’m fine with bananas 😉

Tomatoes, Peppers and others from the nightshade family (ditto to the bananas comment, i love these 😉

Dried Fruit

Less common but does occur:

Cooked food. Some advice at least 50% raw food in eating for healthy cell renewal. Many feel benefits of increasing 25%, 50% or even 75% or 100% raw (animal free) foods

Non-organic food.

And potential foods you might find make you feel good and worth increasing could be:

Raw, fresh fruit and vegetables.
There is a big list I could list here from blueberries, to fresh goji berries, from sharon fruit to papaya, peach to watermelon, jack fruit to grapefruit, clementines to white currants, blackberries to mangoes, cucumbers to wild rocket.

Freshly made fruit juices.

Freshly made smoothies.

I’m sure there’s more, but there are some examples.  Although these are pointers, it’s worth expecting the unexpected… many people are fine with all the above and something else may come up, like it did for me, that i hadn’t guessed.

I guess ‘you are what you eat’ has some bearings here… and ‘let food be thy medicine’ can do some good 🙂

enjoy 🙂

(i think this ‘choc mousse’ can count as detox….raw carob, avocado and bananas just blended together….healthy dessert and breakfast…well as long as your body is fine with all of those ingredients that is 😉


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