earth seed haywarikuy

flowerearth seed haywarikuy

especially created for the day mid-way between winter solstice (in northern hemisphere) and vernal equinox….imbolc…. …in the belly….a time of sowing the seeds…..planting them in the belly of the earth, with the earth holding them ready for them to grow.

february over here is time to plant some of our first seeds of the planting season such as broad beans as well as planting garlic… and we can take this time to plant the seeds of our dreams… of who we are becoming, or what we would like to grow in our lives, in our communities, and in ourselves….

this earth haywarikuy can also be done at any time of the year, just as there are seeds that are planted throughout many times in the year….for more information on these haywarikuy in general, can ready more here: haywarikuy. this is a version, working with the earth.

this year of 2014, we also have new moon around this time, and chinese new year of the horse… the wood horse… so feel free to bring these and other seasonal elements in. and the new moon is also known as ‘black moon’ as its a ‘month’ with two new moons in, and also a supermoon, second closest to the earth its gets this year 🙂

you might like to clear a space for planting these seeds before this haywarikuy, releasing old stories through a nature-painting/sandpainting or blowing the intention to release them into a stick and putting the stick to fire, water or earth. then the intentions and wishes of the haywarikuy can be part of the filling of this space with the dreams, intentions and plans for the future.

earth seed haywarikuy recipe 🙂


~ some earth/compost/soil
~ seeds – of various kinds
~also can add k’intus, drawings of what you would like to bring in, anything natural, compostable you feel, this year, 2014, as 31st Jan is the beginning of the year of the wood horse, so you may like to add some twigs for this…
~ piece of paper (suggested brown paper), folded into nine squares (thirds vertically, thirds horizontally).


opening sacred space (if choose to do so),
with paper and ingredients in front of individual / in middle of group
can take a moment to connect with the earth, and connect with life force source energies too, to connect with self, and connect with dreams for the future…the future you wish to dream into being.

then can place or scatter a layer of earth to hold the wishes in this haywarikuy (can also use k’intus if you wish), blowing into the earth before you sprinkle it, the intentions and wishes for this haywarikuy, the appreciation for the earth and the holding and growing.

then as guidelines…for the layers…

…we can begin with a layer for the annwfn… our ‘inner worlds’….our inner selves….and our subconscious… focusing on this, and what it is we wish to plant and nurture within ourselves… what we would like to grow with ourselves… blowing the energy of our intentions and wishes into seeds of our choice and placing them on the paper. (if you like, especially if you are doing this ceremony on your own, like with the ringing cedars book, you can hold the seeds in your mouth for a short while with that intention and focus before putting them on the paper)

…then focusing on the kaypacha… the ‘middle world’… the where we are now, 3d ‘everyday’ ‘reality’….what is it that we would like to grow and nurture, and have nurtured in our everyday lives, in our communities? blowing these wishes and intentions into seeds and placing them on the paper. if you choose you could also add small pictures of these beautiful wishes from the heart. this can be anything from the heart…from the food seeds you’d like to plant to the community work you may like to do….and beyond…

…then, when ready (and can add  any of these at any layer, if feel to do so)… reflecting on the ‘hanaqpacha’…what some call the ‘upper world’, the world of our connection with creating source energy, of who we are becoming, of timelessness of so many realities and possibilities, of what some call our ‘higher selves’ or ‘selves connected with our ‘divine’ nature within ourselves….  and blowing into chosen seeds what we wish to nurture in relation to this… this could simply be a wish to feel that connection to that source, life force creating energy, or appreciation of feeling this connection….or….a vision of where you will be how you will be in your healed future.

then sprinkling a few drops water on this….

then, can blow appreciation and any other wishes into something to represent that life force, ‘qi’, creating flowing energy (with whatever name you are comfortable for this life energy) into something that represents this energy for you. maybe some small fruits like berries that bear seeds…or seedpods…or music played over, or those feathery wispy type seeds….or drops of water…golden seeds of some kind, paper stars or organic cotton….will leave this to your heart and imagination…
then if you choose, you could cover this with some more earth, like we cover our seeds after planting, again with appreciation of the earth and the sun and all to hold and assist them grow…. see how you feel.

and can blow over some incense, the heat representing the appreciation and respect of the sun heating the earth, and later feeding the leaves of that these seeds grow… and of the heat of the earth…..

and can drum too, rattle, sing, play music next to and over the haywarikuy… playing with music our intentions, wishes and appreciations…

then it can be good to take moment to reflect, look at those wishes, those dreams, maybe take a moment to look at them through the eyes of the physical, the emotional/mind, through the soul/mythic and then the energetic.

it is said much is created at the energetic before coming through the levels of the mythic/soul, to the mind, to the physical…. like an idea that we have that we picture, imagine, work out how to do it, and then take the physical steps to do it…

may your beauty wishes come true.

then we close the paper, folding it into one square, a parcel, a gift.

if we choose we can wrap it in cloth and infuse our energy fields with our new chosen maps, our wishes for the future… by bringing the haywarikuy over each others energy field, from head to toe, front and back, clearing the energy field and feeling that bringing in and connecting with that potential.


then when ready….if possible, we can give this parcel of wishes into a dug spot in the ground, and cover over….
maybe take a moment to each touch the earth and feel, listen and connect with the earth. maybe even allowing the earth to inform and give energy yourself, and your energy field. maybe giving some water to the earth.

and then turn and step away, letting go of the outcome.

we have set the intention, then we let it go, allowing for co-creation, flexibility, response and evolution to the moment…and… for something even more beneficial for us to come in its place 😉

then you can follow this how you like…food, music, fire, stillness…however you feel.

happy imbolc 🙂

tree t

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