stillness within energy centres meditation exercise


working with some of the energy centres in the body…also known as ‘chakras’, ‘nawi’s’, and ‘gates’ to promote inner stillness and inner peace…. allowing this to reverberate out from these centres through our energetic and physical body…

….finding a comfortable place to sit, stand or even lay down.
you can find a moment to feel stillness within you.
////and to feel movement within stillness within you.
you might notice your breath, with your abdomen moving in and out, with your breath moving up and down the body…in and out.
….allowing, if you choose, an image to form within closed eyes…
an image of still water…perhaps a still lake… that is calm…and reflects all that is around it…
….and allowing that stillness to reverberate around your body.
you can allow thoughts to drift in and drift out….
you can, if you choose observe them, and listen to what comes from within in this exercise, before letting that too go….
as you then come back to that image and feeling of that still, reflecting lake or other still, reflecting waters…

then, in time
you can bring your attention to the sacral energy centre/chakra/nawi, about three finger widths below the navel ‘button’, putting your two hands either side of the centre,notice how that centre feels.
if you could imagine that energy centre as flowing water, what is the water like?
if it is ‘choppy’ and wavey, with your intention, if you choose, you can soothe and calm these waters, so they too form a calm movement in stillness,
you may find the water begins to flow smoothly in and out with the breath….

then, when you feel and breathe with this stillness, you can, if you choose, open your hands out to your sides…and with this movement, bringing this inner stillness out though your body to the edge (and perhaps reverberating beyond) of your outstretched hands/energy field…

you can repeat this process with the heart energy centre (about mid-point of chest at heart level)…
and with the ‘third eye’ energy centre (about mid point of forehead, just above the brows). feeling the waves, the stillness, and allowing with your hands that stillness to reverberate outwards….. asserting yourself, your stillness…within yourself…change can happen from the inside…out….

then coming back to that overall image of the stillness of a lake…that reflection…..

(for a slightly longer process you could work with all the 7-8 ‘main’ central energy centres, more information on these are: here)


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