and…breathe…..planting seeds…

one of the things i love about this work is that so often it is like planting seeds….

and the seeds grow….

so i may receive a session,  or do a healing piece another way….and i may feel some instant results..
but those results also they grow…

sometimes they grow quickly…like radishes…
sometimes they seem they are put in as full plants straight away they grow so quick…..quicker than radishes even 😉

….other times…they take their time…to grow the first leaves…the plant…the tree….the fruits…over days, weeks and months even a beautiful steady grow….
and whether it is fast
or it is slow
i find it can be
… beautiful

like when i received one session..
and i noticed that all of a sudden i was breathing easily from my belly again…
like i’d tried to do that for a long time before on advice from others, but only had lasted a few seconds before forgetting and going back to non-belly breathing….
so to suddenly come to it effortlessly was great…
though it didn’t happen that i was always breathing from my belly at first..
but the amounts i found myself doing so increased and increased….
and now i noticed it is so much of the time i am…gentle, ease of breathing from the belly…
so beautiful to be breathing easily and deeply from the centre
after so many years of trying mechanically, logically…
after being told by various teachers this was the way to breathe…and agreeing….
suddenly a seed is planted and now it is bearing fruit….fruit after fruit 🙂

and that is just one example…
but it is one i am reminded of now as i notice my breath…coming from deep within me
and flowing….naturally…..

‘blessed to be’ eh? blessed be 😉



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