sharing our gifts ~ air haywarikuy


sharing our gifts air haywarikuy

happy (belated) beltaine 🙂

beltaine is a beautiful time 🙂 to me, a time of celebrating creativity, life. in cymru leaves are growing from seeds planted, blossoms appearing on many trees and the first beginnings of many fruits appearing.

this air haywarikuy was co-created to offer to our worlds around us our creative gifts….a way of putting forward the offer of our gifts that we wish to share….to say ‘I’m up for offering this’…and inviting in opportunities to share these gifts with those that wish to receive them…to those we feel happy to share them with…..
we did this with the creativity celebrations of beltaine…the growing first leaves of the seeds planted, the flowers and blossoms…the fruits beginning to form….it can be done anytime however…and can be adapted, especially by following your heart….this is a framework…to move around within and around if choose….and can also be a springboard to spring into something new….

you may like to do this next to a fire, particularly if working this at beltaine….it can also be created other places outdoors and indoors too…
the offers, wishes, intentions and appreciations can be done silently and/or out loud…however is felt to do…


petals (lots to pick up from the floor and shaken from the blossoming trees in spring),
leaves (any kind, but particularly smaller, lighter ones)
seeds (any kind, but particularly smaller lighter ones)

a piece of cloth, a good size for you/your group…


beginning with opening sacred space….

beginning with a layer of k’intus
(we used ‘ready made k’intus’ – the ‘all one-ness’ of 3 leaved clovers for this, but any combination of 3 leaves are great ;).
…in these we blew in (with our breath informing the leaves) our intention for this haywarikuy…. to offer our gifts to the worlds around us….  then placing them on the cloth….this is like a basket holding our dreams and wishes for this haywarikuy….

then a layer for the annwfn…our inner worlds…the world of our subconscious….the worlds of our inner selves….
blowing into petals, light leaves and seeds etc….our offers of the gifts we wish to share/continue sharing from our inner world…our innerselves….  and for our inner world…our innerselves….

then a layer for what some call the ‘kay pacha’ ‘middle world’….the physical reality around us…. and blowing into these light nature materials our offers of the gifts we wish to share/continue sharing in this world…. these can be practical skills, they can be abstract parts of ourselves…they can be abilities…abilities that we have, and abilities we wish to continue developing….however you feel….
then a layer for our ‘hanan pacha’, what some call the ‘upper world’…that world beyond time….of the energetic… connected to our futures…to  who we are becoming…and also timeless… connected to our ‘divine’ selves….tho what some call ‘divinity’ i feel, can be found in all worlds… the worlds they say of imagination and inspiration….
… this layer… blowing in our offers of the gifts we wish to share/continue sharing for our upper worlds…. and from our upper worlds…..

a layer then, if choose to do so, of appreciation of the gifts we have within us.
if in a group, particularly one familiar with each other, one by one, each individual can blow in appreciation of the gifts they have into a chosen light nature material, then pass it round the circle for others in the group to blow in the gifts that they love and appreciate about that person.

{while what we see in others can be just a projection of our inner selves….and what we say about others may be ourselves….the person who we are appreciating the gifts of can choose whether to accept these as themselves…. if it is said out loud and the individual being appreciated feels a ‘glow’ or feel recognition of self….it is suggested that that is an indication that it is themselves too 😉 } x

then a kintu (again we used a kintu of three leaves that were joined together already…from a tree) blowing in appreciation of the gifts of the world around us….and passing that around the circle…

when ready….taking a moment to see the haywarikuy as it is….
maybe looking at it from the physical level….the arrangement of petals, leaves and seeds….
then the level of story, emotions….the stories around those petals leaves and seeds….
and the level of  ‘hummingbird’, of the symbolic…of the epic adventure that this haywarikuy represents/is part of…
and the level of the energetic….where everything is energy J

then when ready folding the cloth into a parcel, which then can be brought from head to toe over the body (front and back, left and right sides), infusing the energy field with these beautiful wishes and offers and intentions and gifts…. if in a group this can be done clockwise in a circle, each person doing this for the person next to them.

before gently unwrapping the haywarikuy on the ground….
in a group this is easier…but also possible for an individual to do themselves J
in a group…everyone holds the edge of the cloth…kinda like a parachute…kinda like grabbing the hands and legs of someone whose birthday it is before throwing them into the air…
and then when ready….bringing the cloth quickly up….so the contents are given into the air…. 🙂
enjoyment of any petals, light leaves like confetti that come back to earth and over you kinda like confetti after being given to air is also optional 😉

much love ~ muchos munay ~ cariad mawr 🙂

diolch i ti am dy anrhegion di…. thank you for the gifts you bring to this world…



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