does duality really exist?


…many of us at least

are brought up to believe that there is duality

night and day

….masculine and feminine

good and bad



….does this duality really exist?



what we call
masculine and feminine
between night and day
,,,,between light and dark
between ‘good’ and ‘bad’…

there is so much inbetween….

so much even,,,

is it more accurate to call these actually a spectrum?

just because there can be identified two extremes of this spectrum
is that really a duality?
is it that it is more of a part of an even greater whole?

wouldn’t calling these extremes ‘duality’, be dismissing the richness  and also-valuableness of all inbetween?

even the apparent ‘male’ and ‘female’ has a number of inbetween areas….a spectrum range…
‘what we call ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ even more so….
even physical, mind, soul and energetic field…while can be viewed separately are all (it appears) part of a range of an energy spectrum…with the physical being energy that is vibrating at certain rates…all energy….

so even those that appear separate…perhaps they are not so separate after all..
but connected within that spectrum range…

duality does not really exist…and what is perceived as duality…is actually just part of one spectrum…….

perhaps 😉

energy-core-spectrum-wallpaper-1024x576(pic: Erik Bernskiold)



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