why i don’t call myself a healer…

photo by meirion wynn roberts

doing this kind of work that i talk about on this site…
some call us ‘healers’
applying for this work at festival is often with a ‘healers application’
i still do that
but i don’t really call myself a ‘healer’ as such

to me,
when working with others in their sessions/workshops/training
i’m not the one doing the healing…
it’s the individual or group and the work itself doing that part of the work…
and that which i’ve seen occur when i work with others in their healing….
that’s them healing themselves…

so technically i’m not doing any healing
i’m just assisting
i do what i can to assist with authenticity, integrity, non-judgement and listening
i hold space, work with tools from the toolbox of techniques, processes, experiences…
but essentially
i’m just assisting…

especially in the energy work
where so much is about accessing connection to inner wisdom,
enhancing abilities to self-heal,
to clear what is ready to clear….
and to find those healing pieces…those gems, those treasures of experience and learning…

and also even in the massage,
working with the body….
to encourage homeostasis where it can more easily heal itself….

even those that do that
laying on of hands
to me
they’re just awakening and assisting
that self-healing ability
within that individual being worked with
and it’s that individual allowing that ‘healing’, flowing energy to come in….

what is it they say
‘you can lead a horse to water
but you can’t make it drink’
with the work,
i can guide, assist, share techniques, processes, ways of working…
but it’s the individual themselves has to choose to drink….to work with these techniques…if they choose….
can’t say they have to believe it…
but they need to do the work….allow it….

with much appreciation to all those that have assisted this work develop…
how can those of us that work in this field be accurately called a ‘healer’
when it could be said that we are just part of a space
where the work….and the individual themselves…
are doing the healing where it occurs…

and me too,
i’ve been working hard on healing myself…
with a lot of assistance from others along the way…
but its up to me to do it…


does that mean
i could be classed as a healer?
(of myself)
at so many times
like the complexity and beauty of
mending the skin from a cut,
recovering from a cold
are we not healing ourselves then?
and the list goes on….
of the amount we heal ourselves from….
and the amount we can heal ourselves from….
even more so with extra techniques and assistance along our way…

does that mean
that all of us…
are healers too….
(of ourselves)

not sure where that leaves the healers label…

teasing aside…

with this self-healing…
extra assistance can be had on the way.
like from those trained and experienced in this field….
who can (potentially)
‘put some lights to help find your way’ (as one lovely put it)
give access to practices, techniques, and be there
to hold you as you find your way
(your way)
as you do it yourself.
you amazing bundle of wisdom, experience and self-healing capacity you.

10169366_236320726491579_769122553578440879_n fb

(top photo that the quote ‘ do not bestow grace….’ is a photo in north cymru by meirion wynn roberts, the quote is by don jicaram, the quote in the photo above this is from the path of the energetic mystic, picture by Creuynni).


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