coming from a land called love…

if we come from a place of love

day by day, night by night,
we continue to come from a place of love

where would that be?
where would we be?
how would we act?
what would be create
how would we behave?
what would we say?
how would we feel?
being love?
if ‘they’
being love
would they act that way?

how would they act?
what would they create
how would they behave?
what would they say?
how would they feel?

and how much of this coming from a place of love
do we wish to bring in
to this lagoon of the possibilities
that are our lives here…
of the what is possible
with this being love

and peace

and love

and homework

my homework is
more and more
to be coming from love

to notice where and when i am coming from love
and where i can come from love

asking myself at times
what would love do now? in this situation?
and sometimes
where i feel i can….
where i feel ready…
where i manage it…
going with
this what love would do now…
in this situation…
this sometimes
maybe increasing it to moretimes
and more and more so

being love


i loves it 😉



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