letting go of old stories….


….as many of us drop our old stories…
…our old ways of being…
…of behaving…

so that we can step into the new…
new consciously co-created tales, adventures…
of our conscious and perhaps joyful making…

can we also drop
the stories we have about other people…
so our energy isn’t caught up in their old stories too…

…including those who are still with us…and those who have already transitioned….

like be-elzebub
to take one example
whose stories surrounding him inspired this post
say he did exist…
that he existed…
and that stories were built up around him,
up and around,
and built up around him…
making a mould around him….
so detailed that the stories have a  life of their own….
how useful is it
to keep perpetuating that story…
that interpretation… that projection…
that mud of seeing clearly as mud about another
that judgement…that affrontation….
it’s not beneficial to you
it’s not beneficial to me
if it is in our awareness
then surely it is in
our energy

how about we  let him step away…
start creating his new story…….
each moment a new moment where new can be created






and who elses story have you built up for them…
around them…
splatted that mud of your projections, objections, connections, subjections around them…
can you also let those go?
those stories you have surrounding your mum? your brothers? your sisters? your friends from school?
the politician? the celebrity?
the father? the grandparent?
that person down the road?
your partner?
the woman who forgot your name?
the man who asked you if you’d like to go for a drink?
the lady that pushed in front of you in the queue?
the boy that forgot you?

can you let the story you have built up around them go?
rather than enclosing them in a mud-slung fest over that other person…
that could rebound onto us…
and perpetuate us participating in that old story….
can you allow them to be free….
can you allow yourself to be free?
with this?

and if so? with how many people can we do this with?
this letting go…. of judgement….of story…..
this no longer holding them as something….
this letting go ….to give and receive freeing…..
evolving, learning….being….anew…
taking them as they are now
in each moment…
(if we choose to have them in our moments)
or letting them be free
away from us
(if we choose to not have them in our moments…)

and in each moment
as we drop the old stories…
of ourselves…
of others…

what new can we co-create?
what new can we create?

what do you choose now?

and now?

and how about now? x

much love. llawer o munay x efo caru x



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