you do it to yourself?

‘you do it to yourself, you do’

well… if we are
‘all one’
{as current (and some ancient) theories and experiences suggest }
does it follow that
that is happening to us
right now
in our worlds –
are doing it to ourselves?

we may point the finger at others
but if we are all one
those others
are us too?

why we are doing this to ourselves
what we can do to change this
and how much of this we can change
are more questions

as i released myself
from at least some of my holding myself back
some of my self-restrictions
some of my self-obstructions
from my being my ‘healed’ me
i saw images
of releasing back generations
those holds
of self-constrictions
freeing myself in that now
and ‘myself’ then
as i let them go

and releasing this image too
as i step into the new
states and ways of being

as i step further in the journey
to self-discovery, self-empowerment,
connection to self, the earth and others
and other true gems
like many of us seem to be travelling
as we learn and grow
as we dig into and seeds in our soul sow
as we connect to our physical
as we fly with the energetic
as we play with our minds
as we explore and work with our environments

and the journey
all this travelling
gives gifts
maybe at least as much as the destination will

and every step is a destination
just as every step is a journey
and a new beginning

and that feeling
that experiencing
that somehow
though we are individuals co-creating our reality
we are also all one creating our reality
that we do it to ourselves
that ‘they’ doing ‘that’ to us
are us…
(doing it to themselves)
i’m not sure why
this part-taking of self-responsibility
for me
gives some reassuring quality
some comfort
some empowering
‘i made this’
‘i did this’

i guess it brings with it the opportunity
to step back and look at the situation maybe a little more objectively
the chance of a possibility
of some understanding
of asking
‘why is that part of me doing this right now’
that connection
perhaps enhancing the ability
for that question to be answered in some way

maybe this self-responsibiity
can give some kind of reason
for it happening
why else would i/us create this to happen this way?

and even more possibiility
for it changing
if we created it in the first place
however short or long time ago
then we surely can create something else in its place
we can create more than what we currently know
(and do regularly 😉 )

that it
it is
‘all us’
‘it’s all me’

and this brings with it many more wishes for self-healing
surely there is no need now for suffering…
we can and do also learn from inner peace and harmony living?
this brings with this more wishes for learning, growing, evolving
to who we are becoming many years from now
and bringing this into the now
and harmony seems to be coming more and more in so many places anyhow

much appreciation for all the lessons
for all those who are
‘another part of me’

i am another part of you


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