mindfulness in actions

choosing which books to let go of

I have some reminders as i read through

it’s great to notice the triggers so we can clear them

but when triggered and still working out what they are

how to deal with them

how to observe them

how to notice what they are

and have some heartfullness in actions and communications 

can include
when triggered

before splatting over others

taking a moment 

to connect

to connect with self

to connect with the body

what is it feeling?

what is it speaking

to you?
taking some time 

to connect with our heart 

with our breathing

to connect with our feelings 

what are your feelings?
to connect with our intentions

what are your intentions when you go to speak now?
to connect with your needs

what do you need in this moment?

can we step into a no fault zone?

seeing everyone has their reasons ?
can we step into that place of abundance

where there is a win-win?
if involving another

can we see what their feelings are?

what are their intentions?

what are their needs?
can we observe

and state our observations

free from judgement?
can we express ourselves this way?
when we see a behaviour – what is it that triggers? what are the fears? what are the assumptions?

are they true?

what does that say about you?

what do you do? what does is it remind you of?

what can you own?
and how can you be now?
inspired by (and for more info and techniques can read) respectful parents, respectful kids by hart and hooson, nvc by rosenberg, what to do when kids push your buttons and more)


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