the archetypes

a power animals

in these submenus are guides of some of the associations, representations, and qualities of the archetypes we work with in this tradition. these descriptions, are from my own personal experience also from information found in ‘shaman healer sage’ (SHS), and the four insights (FI) books by alberto villoldo, as well as handouts and notes from my training.

the animals that have these specific qualities gives an quick symbol/representation of the kinds of qualities they have, useful for the mind and soul….

the core archetypes we work with are:



                                                                      .(picture: by susan seddon boulet)


keeper/caretaker/steward of the annwfn ‘the inner world’, the ukhu pacha’
~the keeper/caretaker of the kaypacha, the ‘middle world’,  the present, ‘the keeper of the now’
~the steward/gatekeeper of the ‘hanaq pacha’ the ‘upperworld’, the ‘super conscious’:

these are connected with in the ayni karpay rites…enlivening these archetypical energies that are within us as well as in the world around us….

we also work with archetypical energies that we connect with, for example through ‘power animal retrieval’, or working with archetypical energies that represent themselves…in various ways…and with these we connect with them to learn what qualities and gifts they have….

with the above archetypes, as core parts of the training, that we work with, e.g. to open sacred space, to journey with guidance in the annwfn, kaypacha and hanaqpacha, and to ‘track’ (i.e. pick up information etc), when working with these, for these qualities, they do have clearly defined qualities that we are calling on. these are described in the submenus (that are also linked to in the highlighted writing links on this page).

in these descriptions, i sometimes use the word  ‘level’ to describe the different realms of serpent, jaguar, hummingbird/dragon and eagle. however, even if they are perceived as higher and lower levels of vibration, that does not mean that one is better than another, just as a high note in music is not better than a lower note…they have their own particular qualities. this is why i also use the word ‘realm’.

even with the core qualities of these archetypes, it can still be beneficial to connect with the archetypes ourselves, to step in to them, embody them, work with them etc….there are various ways of doing this, including the work in the submenu : working with the archetypes .

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