Seers ~ Kawak Rites- Background


There does seem to be more to this world than meets the eye. Magnetism for a start – we can see its effects without necessarily seeing the actual force itself. And not just magnetism… we can feel other energy around us… like those of other people….. Like in times where we’ve been walking down the street or sitting in a crowded room and just ‘felt that someone was staring at us… turning round to find they are. Feeling someone walk into the room before hearing and seeing them. It could be that we are feeling what is described as their energy fields – their energy.

The seers rites  (known as the Kawak rite in some medicine wheels) can assist us in our training ourselves to perceive more of the world of energy that we live in. They are felt to enhance our connections with the universal lineage of the seers – the ‘kawaks’ – those throughout time and lands who have worked with their perceiving of energy – that can see what there is to be seen. This can assist us too with our abilities to perceive the world of energy, and can help see what is ready to be seen in our lives. These connections  can assist us do this in a balanced way too, helping us bring into harmony our left and right hemispheres of our brain and balance the vision of what some call our ‘third eye’ with the wisdom of the heart.

The actions of the rites are to create / enhance an energy pathway, similar to a meridian pathway, from the third eye energy centre in the forehead to the visual cortex, and from the heart energy centre to the visual cortex.

This connection enables and enhances our ability to perceive energy…to see with the vision of the third eye…balanced with the wisdom of the heart 

In, Alberto describes these as

 “…fibres of light along the scalp that relay information from the third eye to the visual cortex where it can be decoded and displayed….We add to that the information streaming in from the heart on similar fibres of light..”

 For some, this increased awareness/perception of energy is predominantly perceived visually, while for some people energy is perceived kinaesthetically, through the sense of feeling…. to be able to enhance our awareness this way, with the support and connection to those well versed and experienced in doing so.. with the balance of the wisdom of the heart…. can assist us in our work with energy… can assist us too with ourselves stepping in / being one of this universal lineage of seers – the kawaks.

More information on gifting the rites can be found at Creuynni workshops and medicine wheel training – and here:  seers rites – gifting the rite


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