Personal experiences of the Seer Rites

Personal Experiences :

Everyone is an individual, with individual experiences, but here are some personal experiences

In his blog ( ) Danny talks about the rite:

‘ With this rite we are supposed to be able to see the world of energy, and see that which is hidden, the parts of ourselves we keep hidden. I am told this will open up things that are painful, things you have kept hidden, it is up to us to turn the page and look for what is possible and not what is probable. Later on I saw how this rite works whilst in a cave!’

I’m not sure how much he perceived energy previous to this, but it looks like he received the benefit very quickly! After I received the rites, I noticed some kind of difference almost straight away, with this amount growing over months and years,  often increasing the more i use these perceptions (e.g. in sessions), and the more i give and receive the rites. Often, when I thought I had reached my level of energy perceptions, my sensitivities’ to energy increased that bit more…often kinaesthetically and/or some visually too.  As I said before, the way the energy field is perceived varies between individuals, for example, some perceive the energy more visually, while others perceiving it kinaesthetically, feeling the energy with their touch.

To track where chakras are exactly, i use kinaesthetic sense – the way the energy feels and changes around the chakra area, and this sensitivity grew over some months. In my west class, where we work a lot with the energy field, growing our trust in these senses, I began to notice that when i close my eyes, i have some sense of energy pictures too. Then, happy with my level of perception – kinaesthetic is a very useful way to perceive energy, in my North class, I began seeing some ‘fluid energies’ to extract during the processes. (While there are other techniques to track fluid energies, etc, it find it interesting to see them too).  Then, in my Walking with Protection masters class, I found I had glimmers of visually perceiving energetic ‘cords’ (energy cords that have bound people in some way, and can also be removed). More recently, I began catching glimpses of other energy here and there. Then, when holding a Munay Ki workshop, after sharing how to the gift the rites, which including gifting the rites twice, as I watched them practice I could fairly clearly, with my eyes open, see the pathway that A was drawing from the heart chakra, to the back of the M’s head..

Before the rite, I had some sense of energy, as I’ve written about in my ‘about me’ already, and this sense of energy has increased it so much since beginning this course, and from certain experiences, I presume the Seers Rite has a lot to do this.

I wonder too, if the seers rite plays a part in being able to see more ‘pictures’ when meditating with my eyes closed, as I find that has increased too.

I might have been even quicker in enhancing the perceiving energy, but in the past my mind had been quick to dismiss things perceptions of energy, so that was an obstacle. this obstacle was lessened with various experiences, such as my youth work mentors practical applications of this ‘sense of the situation before being told what is happening’ in youth work, and a director at NYTW giving us exercises that showed us in a practical way  the effects of the energy field. and of course the mounting evidence of these energies, as i experience this work, and grow these skills. so now i’m more relaxed, and open to this perceiving of energy, to accept what i’m feeling more.

i could also have practiced more the feeding of the rites and extra exercises too in shaman healer sage, from what Alberto says, he practiced a lot. working in sessions and giving rites has been great practice to me however, and this enhanced perceptions, are on of the ‘tracking’ techniques i use in sessions (i’ll write more about tracking another time, looking for what is to be done in a session is one use of ‘tracking’ – so if i can feel or see energy to be released, that perception has helped me ‘track’ that energy that is to be released. i also use other modes of tracking for this, i like having the flexibility to use several modes of tracking, these tools and techniques working together in sessions etc).

( i may practice the other exercises too more in the future to help see how much these perceptions can grow even more though!)

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