the healers rite

the healers rite is an energetic rite to connect with ,the lineage of healers…
these healers who can assist us in our meditation and sessions with our healing and transformational journeys in life.
the rite also awakens and enhances our ability to heal and bring beauty in our lives.

if the individual receiving the rite is learning to gift rites to others, this is the rite where we receive the stone that can be used to gift rites to others.

gifting the rite.

in the rite, we open our virracocha over ourselves, and over the individual receiving the rites.

we take a moment to connect the lineage and energy of the healers, and to invite this energy to run through us, enabling us to be transmitters of this sacred and beautiful energy.
we then allow this energy to flow, and using our hands and the pi stone the energy flows from our 2nd chakra, to the protégé’s hands, from our heart energy centre, to their hands, and from our 3rd eye, to their hands.
then we blow more of this healing energy through the pi stone into their hands, before bringing the pi stone to their heart chakra (gifting their pi stone to them if they are receiving a pi stone this time).

A quick note about the stone :

for the Munay Ki path, a pi stone is normally used.
the shape of this stone (circular, with a hole in the middle, like a donut) is said to be visual representation of a portal, a transdimensional gateway to the energies that we are accessing in these rites.
this gateway can assist us in our connecting to the energies of these rites, the healers of the past (in the healers rites), of nature’s archetypes and creative principles (in the archetypes rites), to the daykeepers (the pampamesaoq rites), to the wisdom keepers, to the star keepers, and to the creators (in their rites).
some full mesa carriers use their lineage stone to transmit the munay ki rites. the lineage stone is usually a naturally occurring stone, given as part of the Medicine Wheel training in the wisdom keepers (north) part of the course, and is a link to the lineage of this path, which also enables the connection to these energies. In the medicine wheel training and gifting of the similar rites, chumpi stones, and the mesa itself is used.

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