earthkeepers rite

Earthkeeper Rite.

In the Munay Ki, here we connect with the lineage of the sacred earthkeepers, those that hold the earth in their hands, with deep universal love. These beings are stewards of the earth, they are connected to the forces that hold the earth in its orbit around the sun, and the sun in orbit around our galaxy.

The wisdom, energies, qualities of these earthkeepers can be called on for assistance to bring balance and harmony in our lives..

Some call these ‘angels’, ‘archangels’, ‘luminous beings’ or ‘being from other planets’ or ‘dimensions’ and/or ‘guardians of our galaxy’. These may be the beings that you may feel are with you when you need them, they may be the angels you call on for support , when you feel that ‘you are not alone’, that you have loving support with you. With this rite, we are stepping more and more into the metaphysical, and into the re-remembering of what has been in the recent past, less well known realms/energies/experiences. As we gift and receive these rites, we can feel and experience our own perceptions of these beings. (Don Jicaram in Island of the Sun (to Alberto, and translated by Alberto); ‘shamans have no need of faith, we have experience’. And this rite and beyond, experience is the key for me.

And with these earthkeepers rites, we can remember that we too are earthkeepers, working on the earth, and we can live with integrity and respect, and love with the earth from this level. With this rite we can remember the sacred that is within us, the sacred that is us, and re-remember that we are part of this linesage of ‘angelic’ beings’.

As such, we can step into our power as seers – visionaries, and dreamers of the world into being – realising the potential to

And as Alberto says, we can see way beyond time, we can see the cause and effect within this time, how much each individual can and does impact on the rest of the world, with each action, and even which each thought, and we can realise how a single blessing can still have an impact on a child seven generations later. It is said that from this place, we can also begin to change how our body heals and grows- we are able to age differently.

These rites give us/ remind us of our connection to the stars, including our closest star that gives us so much life – our sun.

helps you learn to dream the world into being. has stewardship over all earth, understands impact of each thoughts, action, how a single blessing can

where we can source ourselves from the stars and beyond, and bring this energy for great healing in this earth.

It is said to, to help develop our ways as seers and dreamers of the world into being.

And Alberto also tells how, having worked through what we have worked through in previous rites, as earthkeepers, who are able to call on these angelic beings, these energies,, and dream when we are awake, and be awake even when we dream, and we can begin grow a body that grows differently, ages differently, dies differently- though maybe doesn’t really die at all….

Here we are stewards of life.

the ability to hold the earth in the palm of our hands, and work together to dream the world into being from this beautiful perspective of a place.

This rite is to further awaken the sacred that is within us – the sacred that is us.

This rite connects us to the lineage of angels, remembering that we too, are angels – and that we are god, manifesting as ourselves, experiencing this reality, with it’s individualities, in the individuality of each being on earth. and each angelic force in the universal skies.

It is a deep connection too, to the universal love.

At first, I was puzzled about the use of ‘earthkeepers’ for this rite (it is called something different in the medicine wheel), as at first I thought of those working deep within the earth, as stewards of the earth, as with the daykeepers rites, and also too I have found this in the wisdom keeper rites. With these rites, I guess are a unification of the masculine and feminine, as it does not seem to be more one than another, it just is. universal love. The image I often have when I think of these rites, are of two hands holding the earth – symbolising the earthkeepers that hold this earth, and all who live upon it, a steward of life on earth. A connection to the stars, including our sun is part of this, as this is also what the sun does to the earth, it’s presence holds the earth in it’s orbit round the sun, and nurtures and gives life to plants and animals – to us.

And as well as holding the earth from this level, earthkeepers can and do hold and steward the earth from living on the earth itself.

Of course, each person experiences these rites differently, and whatever images, feelings come, they can change each time, here is just one example of an experience (quite different to my experience in many ways – i’m still to find the words to describe my experience adequately, yet the essence of it has similarities, and the images are similar to the image I often have in my mind when I think of these rites ) ;

As I was receiving this rite I received images of great luminous beings cradling the earth, but not only the earth, even bigger ones were holding the galaxy and some were holding the entire universe! I experienced universal love, I had read about “universal love” in esoteric books, but reading and experiencing it are two very different things! ”

What I got from the rites was that we are all taken care of, we have nothing to fear, and no reason to worry about the future or the past, we are definitely not alone! There is and always has been someone by your side, and there always will be a guiding angel watching out for you and holding everything that you are.

Having this rite has left me feeling that I have a great responsibility to life, one where I need courage and integrity. “

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