the starkeepers rites

the next rites are the starkeepers rites – the ‘rites of the time to come’, as we come into harmony, and balance of the time to come’. With these rites and journey, we can access our future selves- who we are becoming (which has been suggested to be ‘homo-luminous’), and we can allow our future healed evolved selves to inform our present, and, if we wish, we can create and live in reference to this healed future.
these are the rites of the coming healing of the future, allowing this to inform our present, so that we are informed by the future that is our healed selves, anchoring us to the path towards our healed selves,
and here we can download what is possible.
we can call upon these future selves – which may indeed be our homo-luminous selves, and also the future paqo’s/shaman healers of our lineage, the ‘mosaq altomesaoqs’ may also be found here (mosaq is said to mean ‘time to come’).

and we can, with this connection, with this download, and in the journeying to this place, we can also lose old stories, and old toxic energies – we can let them drop away. it is said too, that we can drop too our attachment to our histories, personal, and collective, and, free from the habits and patterns created by this past, we can be in the present, and step into our healed future,

through these munay ki rites, we have travelled a learning path, from noticing our stories, and learning to not collude with these stories, to realising that we are all on a journey, and with these rites, we can move further along this path of ‘transcendence’.

in this place we can learn to create and co-create our new myths, our new stories that we actually choose to live with – to choose our own destiny, to ‘dream the world into being’.
in the daykeepers and wisdomkeepers rites, the beautiful (true) ‘myth’/’story’ included healing or inner feminine and masculine that is within us all, accepting them both, integrating them and bringing them into balance with each other. the new myth can move on from this into a new myth, a new journey of evolution.

some have suggested our new myth is that we will evolve into ‘homo-luminous’ – and that this rite can assist in preparing our luminous body through to our DNA for our evolving into homo-luminous.
well, this rite, and the accompanying journeying and connection to this rite, can allow us to step into our possible healed future find out for ourselves what the healed future may be.

with these rites, we may feel with depth that we are indeed ‘spirit’,’source’ having a human experience (i.e. rather than humans having a spiritual experience).
we may feel our connection to the unity consciousness more clearly too, we may have the deep feeling that there is ‘only one of us here’, that is, we are spirit/source manifesting, experiencing, journeying through lives as ourselves – each individual on earth (and beyond) to experience what it is like.
in the past we may have kept this secret from ourselves, for the experience, and one mastery that is said in the medicine wheel, is to realise wisdom such as this, while still allowing ourselves to experience our physical life on earth fully too.
that which was hidden is being discovered in the physical world too, for example a great temple in cusco, was hidden and then discovered in 1949, the bosnian pyramids, were hidden, and have recently been discovered.
and so much spiritually, appears to be being re-discovered.

it is said that with these rites and connections, the ‘children of the sun’ are re-remembering who they are – that is we are the ‘children of the sun’ remembering who we truly are (and the sun is certainly a kind of parent for us, giving us so much life on earth through plants, and directly to ourselves, and through heat etc). in my notes, for some reason, i have written ‘the eryr auraidd [ golden eagle ] coming home’.
looking at so many individuals experiences, the connection to this energy seems to be happening more and more without these rites too, more and more people are receiving this downloading of energy directly from spirit, as well as from person to person as is possible with these rites.

in this place, we can find our true ‘gold’, and in the journey, and during the rites, we bring this gold from the stars and beyond, through the portal, the wormhole, the taurus in the sun, the tear in the fabric of time, which we can reach through, and bring them into this world, and in this rite, it is into our chakras, where we can allow this ‘gold’ to inform us, and assist our connection to our future healed selves.
and gold was traditionally used for certain medicine. it is said that healers went up and brought it back for use as medicine.

here we can dream the world into being, and feel that there is nothing to fix, that we are whole, and we can experience that healed vision, and know that this healed future has already happened.

it is said that we were given in the past what we need for the future – we are prepared already, and that we get what we want just before we need it –

the myth of this lineage is that we are expecting a golden millennia of peace .
and there is said to be a redefining of what is peace, and co-create a new human paradigm.
some say it will happen in ‘2012’, others feel more it is a transitionary process, one that has been happening for many years already, which, from the amount of individuals experiencing ‘awakenings’, and deep spiritual experiences, there is some evidence for some kind of evolution happening. even those who have no experience in spiritual teachings, i have heard speak great spiritual wisdom. individuals from all kinds of walks of life are experiencing what many call ‘awakenings’, and access to universal wisdom.

it is also said on the munay ki information from the four winds, that the starkeepers are those that hold and share the wisdom of stars and galaxies, that they are creators and holders of portals, and are stewards of the universe and time, and with these rites we can accept our place as starkeepers, and as we accept our place as starkeepers, we can begin to work with energy, time, and space as one, and we can learn to dance in the stars, and in the rites we bring the energies of the stars into the chakras.
they say too it is the connection to the places throughout all time, which is why, as ‘starkeepers’ we can learn to journey forward into the future and bring back what is needed to fulfil the now, to allow us to step into who we are becoming and let that inform our present .
the four winds information also says, that with these rites, the ageing process can be slowed down, and you become resistant to diseases you were once vulnerable to. instead of processing viruses/events etc at the physical realm, with these rites may process it at the energetic level, or soul level (eagle or hummingbird), so recovery can take a day or two rather than a week
as with the other rites, what each individual experiences can vary so much. a fire doesn’t burn bright white, but the light may be felt as bright white light, or golden or….well, it has to be experienced to find the individual response. and we were advised, that if we feel something, then that’s good, but if we don’t then that’s fine too, it still is downloading, whether we don’t or do feel it. and personal experiences of these rites can vary so much, in giving, and receiving these rites.

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