experiences of the starkeepers rites

i may add my own sometime, and anyone else is welcome to add in the comments, or send me by mail their experiences to put on here, for now, here is danny’s experience with the journey and the rites from this blog

(like i said in the information, these experiences vary between individuals, my experiences of this rite is similar in some ways, and different in other ways, but as i’m also interested in others experiences too, i’m posting this here : )

“The Starkeepers rite was wonderful and quite electric!
We started our spirit journey on a beautiful summer day, blue sky and warm sunshine, I walked around a green pasture and watched a beautiful eagle swoop and circle around my head, and as I watch it swoop down towards me, I took the opportunity and jumped on its back…up and up we went, I looked down and I was no longer sitting on its back, I was the eagle! I flew higher and higher up into space up to the sun, and I watch the fires of the surface of the sun burn and dance, I knew I would not be burnt, so I dived down into the molten lava, I flew past a liquid light waterfall and saw a doorway, a wormhole like in “Stargate” the movie, and through the reflection I saw people, golden people, men women children all beautiful, golden, working and playing, singing and dancing, celebrating life, these were us, our future selves 10’000 years from now……..the waterfall fell back down and looked around me, there were golden people here too with me! I flew to them and said my greetings; these people had always lived here on the sun, beings of light, the Starkeepers.
I was shone a pool where some of this liquid light had fell and rested, I flew over to it and dipped my beak into it, and took a beak full….I flew up and up and out of the suns atmosphere and a great burst of light erupted from a part of the sun, I flew back and saw all the planets all aligned up, the most beautiful was my home……as I flew over houses and cities I dropped a drop of this light at as many homes and faces as I could, until I finally slid off the back of the eagle and she flew up out into the universe.

The rites were powerful, what do you expect downloading the sun! Receiving this energy was electrifying, my body jumped and jerked I became so hot I actually thought the sun was directly on me! My spine tingled and became increasingly warm and in my head all I could see was light.
When I was giving these rites the feeling was very different, I felt like I had the most beautiful gift that the more I gave it away the more it increased, I felt like a giant, so tall that sitting down I could reach up and touch the sun itself, my hands tingled as I let the light of the sun shine through me into the protégé.  I felt like a surgeon grafting a new body of light onto a human body, it felt wonderful…..awe inspiring………that evening I sat on a hill and watched the sun go down over the old Abbey ruins, the Shaman came over and gently drummed a song to the sun and the earth….I closed my eyes and saw distant memories of dances to the sun….when the last spark of light had finally left and darkness wrapped its wings around us, I look up and saw that many other people were all sat around us watching the decent of the sun. ”

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