Gifting the starkeepers rites

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in this rite, the individuals receiving the rite are laying down.
the individuals gifting the rite, begin at the heart, opening the virracoacha, and silently state their focus, and intent, requesting to download the rites for this person, and … willing to be a of these rites.
with hands up, palms up, and reaching out, beyond the stars, ‘through the eye of the needle’that is the portal we journey to in the journey for this rite, and we bring some of this ‘gold’, this energy, from beyond the stars, and bring this into the chakras, informing te chakras from beyond the sun.
from the hand on the heart, a hand rises up, reaching right up to the portal/gateway, through the taurus of the sun, through the wormhole, and brings this into the next chakra, and so on through out the first 7 chakras.
then we silently give thanks, and close our virracoacha.

The journey of this rite (useful to do this before gifting the rites).
I think Chris Waters may have written this journey.

Settling into a comfortable position, with a few deep breathes, allow Mother Earth to hold you while you journey to the stars.

We begin our journey in the foothills, walking out under the big blue sky. You hear the cry of an eagle, and look up to see her flying overhead. Now circling, the eagle moves closer to you. You reach up with your arms and the eagle swoops you up, onto her shoulders. As she flies you stretch out your arms and you and the eagle become one. You flap your wings and feel the power of your muscles and feathers against the wind. You climb higher and higher in the sky, and burst out into the cold blackness of space.
You fly now toward our local star, the Sun. As you get closer you begin to see the fire and leaping flames of the Sun. You prepare yourself and fly into the heat and the bright light, feeling the flames lick at you – you are not burned. You continue to fly to the molten center of the Sun, and greet the beings who live there.

You drawback a curtain of golden liquid, and discover a wormhole – a wormhole that connects the Sun to every other star in the universe. A family of stars all connected to each other, able to move from one star to another instantly.

You call out to the enlightened beings, who have lived at this vibration before you. And through the wormhole you see…yourself…and your children…and your children’s children 10,000 years form now….
They have a gift for you, receiving it you feel the bright white light of the stars within you. –pause-

You release the liquid curtain, and fly above the Sun beings for a moment. Just before you leave you dive down into the golden liquid and scoop up a beakful of the center of the Sun. As you rise up once again, you see that your wings have turned to gold, all of you is gold.

You rise higher and higher, out of the center of the Sun, into the brilliant flames of the Sun’s surface. You fly out into the blackness of space with the vision of the Earth before you. You see all of the planets line up, far out into space. You head for the Blue-green planet, with your beak full of the Tears of the Sun.

You enter Earth’s atmosphere, and fly over the villages, seeing the people, and giving them the sacred nourishment from your beak. You fly back to your community, you family and share with them as well. You notice that this gold, this fire, is inexhaustible and does not diminish with the giving. This living fire is what you bring back into the chakras of your Protégé.
You land near your home and step out of the eagle, thanking her.
Breathing deeply, you come back to this place and this time to share all you have learned.

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