the wisdom keepers rites – background

the wisdomkeeper rites connects us with our inner ‘masculine’ – the masculine that is within all of us.

again, jill bolte taylor, to me in her describing the differences between the left and right hemispheres of the brain, describes, for me what is meant by ‘the masculine’. In her TED talk, she shows the physiology of a human brain, where apart from the corpus collosum that connects the two, the two cerebral cortices are completely separate from each other. she describes the right as a parallel processor’, and the left as working a ‘serial processor’, each processing information differently, thinking and behaving differently.

  in the information on the daykeepers rite, i quoted jill bolte taylor on the right brain, associated what is meant by the ‘feminine’ in this work, about how she felt part of everything, in the present moment, we are all one.
she describes the the left hemisphere, that is associated with the masculine in this work in the video :

 “our left hemisphere thinks linearly and methodically. our left hemisphere is all about the past, and it’s all about the future. our left hemisphere is designed to take that enormous collage of the present moment. and start picking details and more details and more details about those details. it then categorizes and organizes all that information. associates it with everything in the past we’ve ever learned and projects into the future all of our possibilities. and our left hemisphere thinks in language. it’s that ongoing brain chatter that connects me and my internal world to my external world. It’s that little voice that says to me, “hey, you gotta remember to pick up bananas on your way home, and eat ’em in the morning.” it’s that calculating intelligence that reminds me when i have to do my laundry. but perhaps most important, it’s that little voice that says to me, “i am. i am.” and as soon as my left hemisphere says to me “i am,” i become separate. i become a single solid individual separate from the energy flow around me and separate from you. “

 so the ‘masculine’ energy is said to be the ‘i am’, that knows it’s separate from all. and though it may seem a paradox with the knowing ‘we are all one’, both do appear to be true too –  we are all one – we are all connected, yet we are also separate, we have our individualities.

  like a baby, who scientists think do not associate themselves as separate being, until a certain age, when they start referring to themselves as separate beings, it is thought that perhaps we evolved this way too. first feeling part of everything, before viewing ourselves as separate from everything.

 and now, we seem to be evolving to realise that we are both, and these both have amazing qualities and gifts in our lives – especially when these ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ are balanced, and we are whole.

 so this rite honours this inner masculine. the wonderfulness that explored, and invented – that drove alchemy, and scientific discovery – that is said to have assisted both men and women take machines into outer space, and beam images around the world.

  the wisdomkeepers are traditionally the medicine women and men who have learned through experience and practice in their training wisdom that has been communicated through generations, and experienced, learned and accessed the wisdom themselves too.

 in the medicine wheel, this is the place symbolised by the north direction. it is a place where ‘wisdomkeepers’ (known in quechua as altomesaoqs) are master practitioners who have brought to light their shadows, stories and karmic and ancestral pasts, so that they have dropped their baggage and mastered the art of invisibility (metaphorically speaking). they have also remembered the secrets that we have kept from ourselves (that so many of us are now remembering), while still walking and working in this life.

 these wisdomkeepers have stepped outside of time, and realised that ‘death’ is but an archetype of an ally, that can guide us from this world to the next, in our big transitioning, allowing them to walk without fear of death.

 the masculine combines well with the feminine, for example where creativeness combines with technical work in inventions and building. often we use this masculine to learn more of the feminine that is within nature, using science.

 a lot of the masculine i have found, does seem to have a mirror in the feminine, the powerful masculine peaceful warrior. the powerful female peaceful warrior, the mothering carer and nurture, the fathering caring and nurture, the masculine and the feminine of the healing/medicine people. some of these ‘differences’ are subtle, and embracing the masculine and feminine that is within each of us, can allow these parts to complement and work together,

 the wisdomkeepers are also said to be ‘self-referencing’ – they look to their own experiences and intelligence, and intuition, rather than just what is said by others. they are free to be themselves, with no need of masks or false pretences. it is the ‘path of certainty’.

the wisdom keepers rites are also associated with the mountains. It is said that the mountains hold great wisdom, that when we transition to our next reality, wisdom is taken there and stored. the mountains having experienced millions of years of changes, and have been with generations upon generations experiencing our lives as we have evolved. in many cultures mountains have been honoured, some perceiving them of places where humans meet divinities. in this tradition they are similarly respected, and a reminder that we can learn from nature, receive gifts of wisdom, teachings, realisations from observing and connecting with nature, as well as learning and working with eachother.

the wisdomkeepers, like the mountains, are said to protect and share the medicine teachings. with these rites, we can connect with these teachings, and increase our learning directly from nature; from the mountains, from places in nature, from ourselves.

receiving, gifting and working with the energies of these rites also begin to heal wounds from former lifetimes as well as the present. it also works to heal the inner masculine.

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