about chakras and the luminous energy field…

I remember some while ago seeing those chakra necklaces in the shops and viewing the idea of chakras with a big dose of skeptism and not much open mindedness to the idea That was until I had some experience working with these energy centres, whereby I found myself tangibly feeling changes of sensation in these places ascribed to chakras, and observing changes based working with these places

The theory of ‘chakras’ are found in a number of traditions – with various names given to these from chakras to nawis (‘eyes’) to caerau (citadels). While there is a theory that these stem from one tradition, it is more possible (arguably considering distance and time more plausible) , that if there is something to be found, it can be found by people from a number of cultures, places, backgrounds independently through experience. Indeed, this is something common in the work and theory, that we come to this learning through experience. At the moment, I find myself calling these energy centres, as to me, they are central points of ‘energy’ whereby energy can come in or go out. I love the other names too.

Q’ero ‘hatun laika’, don jicaram (alberto villoldo’s mentor in ‘dance of the four winds’ and other books) talks of 9 main chakras –  seven at the level of the human body, and two outside human body.

picture showing an interpretation of the chakras and part of the energy field:  theologue by alex grey. copyright alex grey http://www.alexgrey.com 

It is said that these chakras metabolise life energies from nature, e.g. From plants, animals water, air, sunlight. This life energy is called the ‘chi’ (qi) in some traditions, utilised with exercises like qi gong for example.  For the q’ero, it is called ‘causay’.

Like sunlight through skin, air through the respiratory system, and food through the digestive system, ‘causay’ ‘chi’ is said to come into the body through chakras. And move round the body, similar to food and water moving in their own way around the body.

This may be related to the meridian channels and acupuncture points. Alberto in one of his books studied with a man who worked with ‘rivers of light’ and specific points with people who came to him for healing. Alberto noticing the similarities to meridians in Chinese medicine, asked him to draw these paths of energy over Alberto’s body, took a photo, and found they compared exactly to the meridians of Chinese medicine texts.

Similar to how lungs both bring in and release air, energy is also released through these energy centres. And similar to how, in the ‘physical’ body, if respiratory tracts (for example) became clogged up, or blocked, the body would become affected, so too with the chakras. If the energy centres become blocked with ‘hucha’ energy (basically heavy, stagnant energy that does not belong in the persons energy field), the energy field is affected, and this is turn also can affect the mind and body.

Energy also comes from/through an energy centre outside the body’s energetic field, and flows through the other energy centres.


It is also said that energy centres can extend luminous threads that reach beyond the body, connecting us with trees, rivers forests and other people

There are also smaller energy points, such as those used in acupuncture, including in the palms of the hands (often used by spiritual healers to channel healing energy). So while these energy centres are numbered 1 to 9, these numbers could be viewed as a bit arbitrary, and merely points of reference.

Sensing the energy centres.

Moving the palm of the hand around the body – about a foot or less above the body – focus on how your palm and the rest of your hand – notice any sensations – some people find closing their eyes can assist focus with this. With intention and focus, noticing if different areas feel different. Noticing if the subtle but tangible differences (if you feel this) of sensation when doing this changes in areas ascribed to these energy centres. Taking a little time to explore this, maybe if particularly sensitive, feeling shape and texture of this area. As well as kinaesthetically, some find they pick up these energy centres more visually. Alex grey the artist of the painting above, depicts in many of his pictures how some see them visually, more examples are in his books, paintings and website http://www.alexgrey,com).


The sensing of these energy centres can be strengthened with the kawak rites (the seer rites) of the munay ki and traditional medicine wheel. This can heighten the awareness of energy – and many of us have some awareness of ‘energy’ already, for example feeling that someone is staring at us before looking round to find that they are, feeling someone come into the room before we hear or see them. Like any sense (or muscle), the more we use it, tends to strengthen the ability we have in using these.
Places of the main energy centres.

The following are the places ascribed to the main energy centres:

The base energy centre is described/felt as being about the place of the pubic bone.

The sacral energy centre is just below the bellybutton.

The solar plexus energy centre is in between the ribs just under the base of the sternum, about a hand span from the sacral chakra.

The heart energy centre is in the middle of the connected ribs, at about the level of the heart, about a hand span from the solar plexus chakra.

The throat energy centre is in the throat area, the ‘adams apple’ area.

The ‘third eye’ energy centre is mid forehead, a little higher up from the point in between the eyebrows.

The crown energy centre is at the top of the head, at the level where the gap in the baby’s skull is before it comes together.

The wirracocha energy centre – about a foot or so about the head (I’m told that the egyptians called this ‘ka’), the laika name – ‘wirracocha’ (which is the name of the creator or great spirit – the word means ‘sacred source’). It is around the level where halos are painted on angels and religious figures, often seen in sacred pictures.

If you reach up above the head, you may be able to sense a change in energy above the head – about a hand span or so. This is outside our ‘physical’ body, and within our ‘luminous energy field’.  It is said to hover above our head like a spinning sun, and to be a connection with great spirit, a place where we can feel ‘god/great spirit/creator/source’ within us. Reaching into this chakra, and expanding our luminous energy field (opening our wirracocha) helps us connect with this ‘sacred source’, and we use this as an additional sacred space in meditation, journeying, working in sessions etc. Alberto also says this connection can also connect us with ancient healers from the past, who can come and assist us, give us additional guidance etc. Don Jicaram also gives the theory/experience, that when move on, we withdraw from physical body (which returns to earth), and the wirrococha energy centre expands into a luminous globe and envelops the other seven chakras in a vessel of light, a beautiful orb of light, and from then our journey continues… the wirracocha can also manufacture another body, as it has done again and again over so many lifetimes.  It is also said that this centre can lead us to biological parents, to the best life that allows us to grow spiritually, and that, as it can contain information from previous ‘incarnations’, the charged memories, beliefs, ‘contracts’ and/or imprints from the previous life might come in as imprints etc. in the luminous energy field, and affect this new life (until the imprint, for example is cleared with illuminations or other method.

The connection to source energies energy centre (“9th”  energy centre), I’ve been told that the egyptians called this ‘khu’. It is outside the luminous energy field. It is the source of wirracocha. It is said (and felt) to extend throughout the cosmos, to the heart of universe, and to the heart of great spirit – at one with ‘great spirit’. While the wirracocha energy centre is said to be where ‘the creator’/god’/’great spirit’ dwells within us, the source energy centre is the part of us that dwells within the creator/god/great spirit, outside time.


Some exercises to connect, explore and work with these energy centres can be found here: energy centre clearing exercises 1 energy centre clearing exercises



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