Energy Clearing Exercises

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This page gives an example of a way of clearing your energy centres (also known as chakras, caerau, nawi) – places where energy that we have taken on from others, or that we may have held on to when we can let them go now may be released.
You can also book online or in person energy clearing sessions, training and workshops with me here. In one to one sessions we can also work together to clear the imprint that attracted the accumulation of energies in the first place. Please do feel free to contact me if you feel this would also be beneficial for you.

A quick background to this exercise: I do not know for sure where the exercise first came through. It can be found in printed form (though I am sure existed for hundreds, thousands of years before this), in ‘Shaman Healer Sage’ by Alberto Villoldo. A book well worth reading if interested in this work I feel. I remember finding this exercise in this book. I was not convinced by this ‘chakra’ theory, I did not really sense them – certainly not as I am aware of them now – I don’t think I even opened sacred space! (Something I always do now with this). I tried this exercise, and despite not believing it, I was just curious, I noticed a very clear tangible effect before and afterwards. I had been experiencing a lot of verbal, emotional and psychological etc ‘stress’ from someone, and i found myself getting sucked into it. I did this exercise and when they gave me this stress again, instead being traumatically affected by their words and actions, all of a sudden, their behaviour towards me didn’t get to me at all, I even found it so ridiculous it was funny, and didn’t take it personally. This showed me that there may be more to this theory of chakras and energy field balancing than i realised, and that it is possible for anyone to do this work.
{Thankfully I later went on to release the imprint that attract that to happen in my life though session work}. I also do this for others {*I would request that you do this for others only with formal training as it is quite different to doing it on yourself*} with people, such as Michelle on my references finding that months old headaches and migraines disappeared with this energy clearing. There are many other stories I could share with you about this – for now, the exercise:



Openingsacredspace For me an essence part of any deep work that I do like this.

Awareness of the energy centres. It can be useful (though not necessary as my introduction to this shows) to explore the areas around the energy centres and have a feel of where these energy centres are, maybe get an idea of their shape, size etc. Some people sense these chakras visually, others kinaesthetically – feeling the changes of energy around that area, others may use a mixture of senses. It’s not necessary, as I found this exercise is about intention, and combining the physical movment, mind, soul and energetic, however you may wish to do this. The kawak seers karpay can assist strengthen this. Again you can contact me to receive these.

Throughout the exercise, i use the terms: hucha energy (stagnant, blocking energy) and sami (free flowing) energy, these are explained on this site here : hucha and sami . To me, this blocked energy, is not ‘good’ or ‘bad’ energy, it’s simply energy that is not in the right place – for this energy or for us – and this is simply allowing it to flow where it can be beneficial – for the energy, for us, for the land and the world around us.

This exercise can be done in the shower, or stream or other water source, allowing the hucha energy to be washed away with the water. it can also be done anywhere else, with the energy going to earth or to fire.

In a comfortable position, whether that is standing, sitting, lying down, you can take a few moments to notice how your body feels. you might like to take a moment to focus on your breathing, and feel your connection down deep into the earth, and up to ‘source’/spirit’.

When ready, place your hand a couple of inches or so above the root energy centre
Then, you can move your hand, as if unwinding and bringing out energy from the energy centre, moving from the top of the centre down to the right, then round and out, over the root energy centre area, with the intention of assisting the energy centre in it’s releasing any hucha energy from the energy field, and giving it back to the the earth can take it and use it, transform it as it does our food waste into beautiful nourishment compost fertiliser for nature.

(And you can also give this to water (e.g. in shower/waterfall/stream etc, or to fire), and as well as hands, you can also use a feather, a stone, or pure intention/visualisation – it’s good to combine something physical with this).

This can be done with the mind and intention, but it can be useful to do this physically too, bringing together the physical, with the physical action, the mind, that is focused on what is happening, and releasing what needs to be released, as well as the soul… the bigger poetic picture of the releasing what is ready to be released, and giving it to earth for nutrients, and at the energetic…energetically bringing out what is to be released. It can be useful to notice the feeling of doing so, and/or to visualise this happening, or notice if you do see something visual… (with eyes open or closed)

You can keep clearing the hucha energy in this chakra in this way until you feel ready  for the next step

Then, you can dip your hand into your ‘9th’ energy centre, (your connection to source, free flowing energy) and bring sami energy down with your hand (and intention) and allow it to flow into the root energy centre, filling up the energy centre with the sami energy.
You might also feel the flow of this sami energy through your crown energy centre, through the body, and through the hand, and into the energy centre.
You can also do this with intention, and perception, noticing and feeling this sami energy flowing through the hands. you might also choose to feel the source of this sami energy coming from the 9th energy centre (and beyond).

Then, when ready, simply repeat these actions for the 2nd-7th energy centres, clearing out the hucha energy, then bringing in the sami energy in turn for each of these energy centres.

[picture: river flow ]

Variations on these exercises can be found here, and will released soon on audiobook


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  1. Thank you for explaining this I’ve been part of the Mindy ki for 4 years and still finding new ways to work with it when it’s the right time x

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