About the author of this site…

Katie took the path of the wounded healer after two near death experiences and chronic illness; a common experience for many on this path. Using the wisdom of her own experiences, her work is dedicated to helping those on the path to recovery and transformation.

 She studied with various teachers, including those with the Four Winds society (founded by Alberto Villoldo) and her work mainly involves holistic health work at the levels of body, mind, soul and energy field to bring people back into balance with themselves and their environment; known as ‘ayni’ : right relationship / balance with the world.

Katie is a particularly effective distance worker and is able to guide people on their own healing journey. She has excellent intuitive and visualisation ability enabling her to meet each individual’s needs, whilst also imbuing them with her gifts. Her humble, fun loving nature makes her a joy to work with and immediately puts the subject at ease for a relaxed, enjoyable and productive session.”      

 (G.Hornsby, writer, actor, complementary healthcare practitioner)
I came to this work, mainly through my own journey from illness to health, as well as from other experiences along the way. As I’ve been asked about my personal story,  I’ve written about this a little at : ‘a healing journey’  blog page.

This page gives a glimpse into my professional story – just some of my training and certification which includes:

Medicine wheel and Healing the Light Body Curriculum (Four Winds Society):

South  –  becoming a ‘paqo’ – an energy healer, and medicine person

West – becoming a ‘pampamesaoq’, ‘earth keeper’ with connection with the earth’s healing and wisdom.

North – level of the ‘altomesaoq’, ‘wisdom keeper’, with connection with the mountains.

East – level of the ‘kurak akulleq’ ‘with connection to the stars’

Masters courses (Various):

Working with the sacred.

Walking with protection. 

Advanced divination.

Munay ki.  

Shadow workshop.  

Rites and initiation. 

Working with the Mythic. 

Dip/He herbalism (School of Natural Health Sciences)

BSc First Class Honours Complementary Therapies for Healthcare (Wrexham Glyndwr University)

Massage In Schools Program

Traditional Thai Massage, Wat Po School

Plus other teachers, connections, experiences certificated and not certificated – both certified and non-certified I’ve found very valuable to me.

I work giving sessions and workshops and training in this field, to adults and children, individuals and groups.
Mainly based in Wrecsam and travelling around to share the work, especially around the UK.
Some examples of the work that has evolved from these many experiences can be found on this site, e.g. Techniques and Processes, Munay Ki, Sessions and Workshops menus, and Feedback menu.

I can be contacted via my website:
and also:
Facebook/Twitter/Skype: Creuynni
E-mail: creuynni@outlook.com

Whatsapp: 07472266952

4 thoughts on “About the author of this site…

  1. I was looking for the story of two wolves and the Spirit brought me to find your beautiful work 🙂

    NJ USA

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