Bands of Power

(bands of power rite is 1.55 mins in)

“Next is the Chumpi rite, where bands of power were woven around my luminous energy field, to protect me from heavy energies, turning them to one of the five elements, also linking me to them. This one is interesting to watch especially after the Kawak rite. My body was covered in sparkling black energy around my waist, rippling red energy around my tummy, fiery gold energy around my heart, shimmering silver energy around my neck and shoulders, and a bright white light around my head. Magical!”

(from Danny’s blog :

The bands of power are said to weave through our luminous energy field as energy ‘bands’ or ‘belts’ (‘chumpi’ in runasimi language) and empower us with our connections to earth, air, fire, water, and ‘kawsay’ (source, creating energy). By allowing energy that does not belong to us impact the earth band and transform to earth energy…and go back to earth… to impact the water band fire band, air band or ‘kawsay’ (creating, source life energy) band and transform and go to these life energies – the bands  unconsciously and consciously work to empower us within our own energies. These connections are part of the Munay Ki and part of some energy medicine wheels as a core foundation for personal and community work.

The bands of power are also often called the bands of protection, because of this empowering within our own energy quality, and empowering us with our awareness of our connection to these elemental energies – which are inside us as well as around us – a deep connection, and to the transformative properties of these elements. the earth for example will transform our apple cores…into beautiful compost, nourishment for the earth… and may even nurture and hold the space for an apple tree to grow.

These bands may strengthen in power gradually after receiving the rite, and can be strengthened and cultivated further with exercises to connect with the bands…  exercises like simply bringing awareness to each band and connecting with earth energy around us, and allowing that earth energy to connect with and flow in the band.. some call this ‘feeding the bands’.

 If you choose to receive these luminous light energetic ‘bands’ and work with them you will have your own experiences, here are some of mine:

The bands work subconsciously, so I don’t always notice them working. Some I do. For example, when energy that does not belong to me is directed my way, i may unconsciously or consciously strengthen the bands or bring them out a little and allow the thoughts of others to bounce off the bands. When road rage was directed at a car I was travelling in, I noticed I automatically opened my bands, they expanded to round the car even, and the direction of energy was so fierce it was partly tangible, and felt it bound off. 

Or if I’m in a place where others energies are out of balance, I may open them up a little more to reaffirm my energy, my balance. It’s one thing to be able to be aware of how others are feeling, but this can be done without being so impacted by how they are feeling, so we can be aware and still keeping us as ourselves. 

I also use them if i find myself becoming nervous or scared…i open them up a little to focus assert my empowerment for myself, and feel more comfortable again. i can focus on my bands, and feel that empowerment, feel more centered, more myself. those that are sensitive to what are thought to be ‘entities’ may also them useful to assert their space, intention, choice, and empowerment in these situations.

Since receiving the bands of power, I’ve noticed that I don’t tend to take on others emotions and energies so much like I used to…I have empathy yes, but I don’t take their energies onboard and carry them with me like i used to – which didn’t do either them or myself any good. It helps me clarify which are my emotions and energies, and which are theirs, allowing me to be more fully there for them as myself, as i haven’t become entangled in their emotions and energies.

The also have helped me clarify the stuff that is sent my way that is none of my business… and the stuff that does make it through – highlights something that there is something there for me to work on – a lesson to learn, an insight to gain , some affinity/imprint to a certain pattern/situation in my life to release and/or other healing piece. So if something does get ‘through’ this bands and affect me in a way that is uncomfortable to me, for me, it is like a flashing light that i have something to work on within myself. This gives me an added filter – a filtering of what really is my ‘stuff’ to work on from what is more other people’s ‘stuff’. Then, I can, if I choose, go work on my stuff, and then strangely I am no longer impacted in the same way in relation to this.

The first band is woven around the body at the level of the sacral energy centre, weaving a black band between the base and sacral energy centre/chakra. It is a black band, the band of the deep, dark earth – a place where seeds can be planted, and nourished and will grow. so too can the seeds of our dreams be planted, held, and nourished, enabling them to grow.

The second band, woven at the level of the solar plexus energy centre, weaving between the sacral and the solar plexus, is a red band, is the band of water, the ‘blood of the earth’, which feeds the seeds in the ground, and helps them to grow. so too can our seeds of dreams, intentions, and our becoming be watered and assisted to grow…

The third band at the level of the heart energy centre and extending to the bands above and below it, is a golden band, it is the band of fire, the ‘gift of the sun’, which warms the earth, and feeds the plants, helping them to grow….. and so to can our dreams be warmed and nourished, and grow towards our future….

The fourth band at the throat energy centre is a silver band, and is the band of air and it is the band of the wind, which scatters the new seeds grown by the plant for them to grow in new places. so too can our dreams spread…

The fifth band the weaves around the ‘third eye’ energy centre is a white band of pure white light, source creating energy, known by so many names – the source, creative energy  that unites us all, and gives us flowing energy and empowerment…..that can assist with our creating and co-creating in our lives

Details of how to gift this rites are here : gifting the bands of power


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