blog 2008

     not written the blog for ages
not since dunc giving me a book to read
             ‘shaman healer sage’ by alberto villoldo
and these theories i’ve been thinking and writing- man they are in there
               told by the shaman don jicaram
             and i find similar and the same theories
in so many other writings and teaching too
         from all over the world, from canada to peru
from mexico to australia,
                        wales to africa
           asia to russia
      through generations
from tens or hundreds of thousands of years ago,
          to recent times, now,
                          and into the future
and so many teachings explain these theories so well,
    giving me so much more depth of understanding….
giving me evidence to explore the possibilities of these theories being true-
    filling my mind with wonderings and wanderings
                          with pleasure and with awe,
                 with surprise, excitement and so much more-
how come this knowledge of centuries
comes to so many of us?
………and is that evidence towards them having truth in them or being true?
maybe so…
…i like too that so many shamans share the belief
……….of the good in forming our own beliefs on what is possibly true…..
using our own experiences, observations, received teachings,
…….forming beliefs on what feels true and/or what has the most evidence of being true-
that way of working and learning rings true to me-
……..we have the intelligence to find our own ways, our own beliefs-
and i’m more than happy to use it-

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