altomesaoq : )

altomesaoq level  ; )

……from paqo to pampamesaoq to altomesaoq – really amazing honour for me ; )

which equals closer links to the lineage of ‘wisdom keepers’,

becoming one of them even more so than before

..and increasing the receiving of wisdom from direct sources – sources other than shaman school teachers, book etc…..

i also continue to receive wisdom from teachers and books of course, and from the ‘four winds’ healing the light body course –

and ‘tis an amazing course  i’m finding –

encouraged to believe what we feel is most likely to be true, based on experiences

…they teach us what works for them, and then say ‘you try it’

..and through experience we find that the techniques that they are teaching/guiding us work for us too….

(which is good for my logical mind as evidence build and builds up of these techniques working….)

…and like true scientists, true ‘shamans’ realise that theories are ‘most likely’ to be true, allowing evidence to build up that it is so, and being open to these beliefs being challenged and being open to these beliefs being challenged and being open to these beliefs being llengechad to provide more evidence (if it proves that way) that it is true…

……..some of it is a bit headbending (in a good way; )


‘stepping into infinity’,

‘knowing the unknowable’

‘making the intangible, tangible’

and being open t ‘stepping out of time’ etc….

….amazingly these techniques work head-bendingly by phone and skype too…

maybe it is because we are all connected, maybe because we work ‘outside time…or maybe maybe because we work ‘outside time’, maybe because we work ‘outside time…maybe maybe it is to with quantum entanglement, and how, when separating an electron from another, stimulating one of the electrons, also causes the same reactions in the other one,

…whichever it is, often i can feel what a shaman is doing to me when they are working, and can feel how the ‘client’ is feeling before they tell me how they are feelings, and often the pictures that come to each of us are so similar, before we even tell eachother what they are…

i say headbendingly, the more i work with it, the less so it seems, the more normal it seems, and it’s lovely to be going to courses, and being taught by people who talk about the theories in this blog as if they are everyday common sense knowledge ; )



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