studying with this tradition

…there are various kinda of shaman work, and so many have so many similarities. there are some differences too,  and i find this tradition works best for me, as  the ptheerson we the individual worked with, has a say in what work to be done, they are given a choice whether to agree to specific techniques, and also is a central part of the healing process, with them doing part of the work themselves, work being done with them, rather than just having work done to them, they are an essential part of the process – plusi i and i like the logic and practical experience and i like the kinda scientific, logic and practical experience ways of learning and working with these theories and techniques…     c and i like theghghjg logic and practical experienceand i like the and i like how as shamans were are in sessions as guides, and sacred witness, to those on their healing journey

the ‘four winds course’ is directed by alberto villoldo, the writer of ‘shaman healer sage’ , a lot of the techniques are from q’ero laika tradition, as taught to Alberto by ‘Don Jicaram’, also known as Antonio Morales. This q’ero are thought to be pre-inka – though similar experiences, theories and and techniques span the world and time, maybe even 10,000 yes ago one cave painting i saw in a book suggests…

i feel really lucky to be experiencing this. when working it feels like it is flowing so naturally… i felt before about another career, which i put on ‘hold’ to go to university…and partly thanks to that experience of the past, i realise that is good to do now, what feels so good to me now, to embrace and follow this lovely natural feeling that feels so good to me…..

as well as working with others who know these techniques well, i’m excited and happy to be working with people new to these theories and techniques, and for them to be working so amazingly good – altogether providing me with so many more evidence of the techniques working so well…

with of course the evidence of the techniques working on me to add to that…i’ve proven to the specialist who said i would not get better, that i had to ‘put up with it’ that they did not speak the truth. thanks to these techniques i don’t have to spend all night and day in so much physical nerve pain that i can hardly move. now i can move, i can go out, i can do things that i took for granted before, that i’m not sure that i will ever take for granted again.

i have seen individuals healed with these techniques so quickly, mine took a bit longer than that, a step by step process, getting deeper and deeper into the healing eachtime, each time increasing my feeling good, and working on more levels than just my physical condition, also working with my mind, and spirit, and affecting my life in general in such wonderful ways. healing the external conditions around my life, from being a place where i was letting someone i love hurt me, to being free from them completely…with their behaviour when i do see them, being one of friendship and kindness to me.

looking back on where i was, and where i am now, i feel very lucky indeed. lucky are those that manage to do this quicker, but lucky are we all that manage this, whatever speed we take to do so : )



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