bsc complementary medicine for healthcare

here i’m going to write some of my learnings from my degree in bsc complementary medicine for healthcare….

while i love my holsitic health work that i already do, and have a great toolbox of tools that can assist so much with self-healing and self growth processes, i am thinking that perhaps doing the degree could assist me bring this work into more mainstream medicine. especially as , from experience, feel this work, in so many cases, would be useful to be the first port of call, before pills and other medication, before surgery, to try that first… and in other cases, to be complementing the other work already in mainstream, assisting it be more effective.

so am having a try at this bsc in complementary therapies for healthcare, and will see what i can do. it mainly focuses on the body, massage etc, as well as anatomy, and nutrition, so it could prove a useful complement to the work that i do in sessions and workshops, working at the level of the body to assist self-healing.

am sharing some notes here, for myself, and for anyone that’s interested. unless  said otherwise, unlike the rest of the site which draws from my own experiences, as well as others, a lot of these notes will probably be from books and lecture notes, so will mainly be ‘theory exploring’ i expect.


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