working in sacred space

.this is a site for anyone that is interested in theories and experiences of complementary medicine, holistic health, energy healing, shaman healing, munay ki rites, relaxation and meditation exercises, self-healing, personal development and spiritual seeking, truth  seeking, self empowerment, co-creating our reality, choosing our own destiny and similar…

.as well as sharing the learnings and experiences on this site, i also give
sessions and workshops, and so some of these pages are also for individuals i work with to use as electronic course handouts. some pages are also designed for those interested in working with me to find more information about this work, and some of these pages are shared revision notes for those i have studied with on my training.

.central to most of what i share on this site, in sessions and in workshops that i give are processes taught on  ‘four winds society’ (directed by alberto villoldo) and ‘spirit of the inca’ (directed by chris waters) medicine wheel, healing the light body school, and masters training, as well as  personal experiences of working in this field.

.in these sessions and workshops, we tend to work in ‘sacred space’, opening and holding space for others to experience self-healing, and to bring the self back into balance where healing and tranformation can more easily occur – (more information on these are in the tab menus on this site). it is said that we all have it within us to heal ourselves, and sessions and workshops can assist with this, giving us techniques and processes that trigger self-healing to occur at the levels of body, mind, soul, and energetic.

.the four winds society courses are directed by alberto villoldo, author of ‘shaman, healer, sage’, who spent over 20 years learning the tradition of the q’ero laika of peru, with one of the few remaining hatun laika around at that time, don jicaram, with an ancient tradition, thought to be pre inca. alberto also learnt from shamans in the Amazon and elsewhere, and has brought these learnings to other countries around the world. he has many published books, such as ‘shaman healer sage’, ‘dance of the four winds’ and ‘island of the sun’.

.it is said that the q’ero laika fled to the mountains at the time of the conquistadors, to preserve their teachings, and when they felt it safe to come down from the mountains, and share the wisdom again, they did so. alberto tells a story of how he said he was fortunate he was to have found don jicaram so he could learn these teachings, to which the answer was ‘we have been hidden from the world for years, what makes you think it was you that found us?’.

.it is also said, that people all over the world held this wisdom. at some time in our history, we in the ‘west’, asked their wisdom keepers to hold our ‘mesa’ ( our medicine power, our wisdom and traditions ) for us, while we went on a different journey, and we are now receiving it again from them. it looked like that perhaps we would hold their mesas for them in return, although there appears to be a growing in the number of q’ero medicine people again, with some even training with the four winds.

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