Why don’t I call myself a healer?

photo by meirion wynn roberts

Doing this kind of work that i talk about on this site…
some call us ‘healers’
Applying for this work at festival is often with a ‘healers application’
I still do that
I will go in the healers tickbox if needed as such.
I don’t really call myself a ‘healer’ as such

to me,
when working with others in their sessions/workshops/training
I’m not the one doing the healing…
the individual or group and the work that are doing that part of the work…
And that which I’ve seen occur when i work with others in their healing….
feels very much to me…
that’s them healing themselves…

So technically i’m not doing any healing
I’m just assisting
Assisting with authenticity, integrity, non-judgement and listening
I hold space, I work to assist with tools from the toolbox of techniques, processes, experiences…in my field I hold that awareness of potential of transformation evolution, conscious change…
Can this really be classed as healing?
Really, I’m just assisting…

Assisting this accessing connection to inner wisdom and abilities to self-heal,
and to find those healing pieces…to step into our empowerment with our gifts – our treasures
and at the level of the body…encourage homeostasis where it can more easily heal itself….

Even those that do that
laying on of hands
to me
they’re just awakening and assisting
that self-healing ability
within that individual being worked with
and it’s that individual allowing that ‘healing’, flowing energy to come in….

what is it they say
‘you can lead a horse to water
but you can’t make it drink’?
With the work,
It’s the individual themselves has to choose to drink….to work with these techniques…if they choose….
no need of belief…
merely to allow it to happen….

with much appreciation to all those that have assisted this work develop…
how can those of us that work in this field be accurately called a ‘healer’
when it could be said that we are just part of a space
where the work….and the individual themselves…
are doing the healing where it occurs…

and me too,
I’ve been working hard on healing myself…
with a lot of assistance from others along the way…
but its up to me to do it…

Wait one moment?

Does that mean
I could be classed as a healer?
(of myself)
at so many times
like the complexity and beauty of
mending the skin from a cut,
recovering from a cold….
this is us healing ourselves then?

and the list goes on….
of the amount we heal ourselves from….
and the amount we can heal ourselves from….

does that mean
that all of us…
are healers too….
(of ourselves)

Not sure where that leaves the healers label…

teasing aside…
a message to all you healers out there (which is all of us, which is you reading this)
With this self-healing…
there is extra assistance can be had on the way.
From those trained and experienced in this field….
who can potentially
‘put some lights to help find your way’ (as one lovely put it)
(your way)
as you do it yourself.
you amazing bundle of wisdom, experience and self-healing capacity you.

10169366_236320726491579_769122553578440879_n fb

(top photo that the quote ‘ do not bestow grace….’ is a photo in north cymru by meirion wynn roberts, the quote is by don jicaram, the quote in the photo above this is from the path of the energetic mystic, picture by Creuynni).

does duality really exist?


…many of us at least

are brought up to believe that there is duality

night and day

….masculine and feminine

good and bad



….does this duality really exist?



what we call
masculine and feminine
between night and day
,,,,between light and dark
between ‘good’ and ‘bad’…

there is so much inbetween….

so much even,,,

is it more accurate to call these actually a spectrum?

just because there can be identified two extremes of this spectrum
is that really a duality?
is it that it is more of a part of an even greater whole?

wouldn’t calling these extremes ‘duality’, be dismissing the richness  and also-valuableness of all inbetween?

even the apparent ‘male’ and ‘female’ has a number of inbetween areas….a spectrum range…
‘what we call ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ even more so….
even physical, mind, soul and energetic field…while can be viewed separately are all (it appears) part of a range of an energy spectrum…with the physical being energy that is vibrating at certain rates…all energy….

so even those that appear separate…perhaps they are not so separate after all..
but connected within that spectrum range…

duality does not really exist…and what is perceived as duality…is actually just part of one spectrum…….

perhaps 😉

energy-core-spectrum-wallpaper-1024x576(pic: Erik Bernskiold)


more is possible :) (the {possible} origins of the name ‘creuynni’)


the name creuynni that i use, is simply a name that i wrote as an email address some years ago. i’m not sure where the idea came from, i just remember trying lots of different words and names, but they all were ‘taken’…i tried ‘creuynni’….and well, that wasn’t taken….

though it was just ‘random’ words, i like them – creu in cymraeg is ‘creating’ and ynni – ‘energy’, so ‘creating energy’ – a little tease at some scientists theory at the time of how energy cannot be created yet the universe was created from nothing and yet somehow is also infinitely expanding….. (there are new theories to this now 🙂 )

plus i like how it sounds like ‘crayon’ 😉 also a source of creativity for some hehe.

..then when using this e-mail address, festival and other event organisers for some reason took that to be my surname, listing me as katie creuynni. i found i liked that.. and it became my professional name: www.facebook.com/Creuynni .

then some years later – the simplicity increased in complexity and making sense-ity.
i received a pure energywork session where…possibly these ‘random’ words came from…at least they made more sense in that context….
common to the sessions where you let go of the past, i can’t remember what it was on – what trauma/wound/story i was releasing…
but i remember the gift…. what that old stuff transformed into – what came in the place of all i released – what was revealed once that imprint/blockage was cleared…..
as commonly happens in sessions – an insight, experience, ‘download’, ‘healing piece’ – so many names given for this – came in it’s place.

this ‘gift’ i felt – this experience – was one of feeling even more that connection to that ‘creating energy’….the inner feeling and experience of being ‘creation’ ‘creating energy’ experiencing life as ourselves….that all of us ..we are the creator…the creating energy 😉

as i did so, i found my hands moving, as i held them out – a little like the picture above, though as if i had those chinese medicine balls in my hands –
and as can occur when doing this….words came with this movement…
and these words? ‘creu ynni’…
these words encompassing what i was feeling….that power of creating energy…

that creating energy that we do have here as we create furniture, homes, technologies, art, music, sculptures, structures, pictures in the sand….
felt that empower even more so…

and from that…..also came the words (and feeling)

‘more is possible’ 🙂

the reminder that ‘more is possible’
of all that we choose to create and co-create
more is possible
that ‘more’ we create – well that inherently and integrally is up to us… so many possibilities…
and in each moment…
what is it that we are choosing to create?
as more is possible 🙂

so the word creuynni is also now, some years later… a lovely reminder of that moment, where i felt that…of us being the ‘creuynni’, the creating energy….
and the wonderful feeling of ‘more is possible’

and i like that it makes sense too many years ago…many of us took on our professions name as our name – like ‘smith’ for blacksmiths etc….
a lot of what i work with, people call ‘energy’ or ‘energywork’ or ‘energy medicine’ that can be transformative, empowering, often feeling like creating the new…or revealing the what feels new…in each moment
disclaimer: ok everything is energy…all vibrating energy from the hardest wall to the almost intangible when in motion electromagnetic energy  – it seems so we all do…from the builder to the road repairer to the artist to the street-cleaner to the gardener- all working with energy
still….fits also for me

and TheN a year later or so again…. something else made it fit a bit more… in  a masters class – where we connected with with..how can i word  this… our ‘higher selves’? that healed, empowered part of ourselves that does have so much even more access to universal wisdom.. some call ‘divine’ selves though could argue that if we are to use that language – if we are all ‘creator’ experiencing as ourselves, then we all are ‘divine’ anyway – yet i transgress….
when i did so… i felt that connection to this healed empowered self…of who i am becoming…maybe even who i have came here more to be…
such a deep and conscious connection and commitment to this growing connection..
it kinda felt like a marriage to self
so felt too… a little like a married name..to myself…
well… who else am i going to get married too 😉

then some years later again… something else resonated too…
a journey…..of Ceridwen’s daughter – who i was told in this journey to the universal subconscious was also lady of the lake….
so much of this work can be literal, or mythical….i’m just open to what is…and i just loved that experience….
i didn’t even think there was any mention of her in the texts…. that this was just an added part of the myth not known….
however i mentioned this to a wise storyteller and i was told that Ceridwen’s daughter is mentioned in the texts…albeit very  briefly…which is why many of the storytellers who have told me that tale of taliesin may not have mentioned her i guess….
and not only that she is in the stories has a very similar sounding name in the texts -‘Creirwy’.
so creuynni is also a little reminder of that deeper connection than i thought i had to those myths and tales….

so in short – common to me – creuynni comes from a number of places and experiences…an interweaving of experiences, stories, myths…. and not in chronicological order…possibly the cause coming a few years after the effect…..wibbly wobbly timey wimey….

“people assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect, but actually from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint – it’s more like a big ball of wibbly wobbly… time-y wimey… stuff.” (quote from doctor who, ‘don’t blink’ episode)



i know this time measurement is a human made construct, and one that varies between some countries, but it is what we make it, and so many individuals are choosing to envision at this time so chose to mediate and journey myself too….

this is from when i meditated at the beginning of the new zealand day of 12.12.12…..envisioning the ‘rainbow bridge’ around the world and to the future…. these are the words that came :

the time for war is over….the time for peace is now… peace is coming anyhow and you can help bring it into now… with love, with munay, with caru, with amo, with amour, with…..

it’s about asking the questions that will lead to self knowing self learning and so much change

let out the old

bring in the new


bring into your lives peace and love and let it multiply

let the answers be there for those that only need to ask them, to receive the answer

questions like

how can i be well?

how can i be healed?

what shall i do?

where shall i go?

how can i find peace?

how can i learn?

how can i love again?

how can i receive love again?

how can i make decisions?

how can there be peace in the world

how can i achieve happiness?

be yourself and be the love that is yourself and live your life the way you choose yourself x


so many answers inside ourselves

and within our reach…..

may i receive healing?

and it is there

may i be healed?…and it is there, the answers are there

be with peace

believe in peace

breathe in peace

be with love

breathe with love

talk with love

walk with love

listen with love

where and when you can

slowly slowly, we are finding peace, and the numbers of us finding peace are speeding up…in number….and in rate of finding it….

may this peace spread all over…to all those that wish it,

and to all those that are yet to wish it, may it be within their grasp,

so that all they need to do, when they wish for it….is to reach out for it, and it will be there…

it is here

in every heart and mind, and energy space…

ready to be revealed, rebalanced, reloved, reintegrated, to flow….

a rainbow bridge, above the world, over the world connecting… and also to the future….the healed future where there is true peace…. a bridge that we may walk upon if we choose, to assist the bringing of this healed future into the now x


i also did a journey/mediation/envisioning at 12.12.12 at 12.12 cymru time… and found something that was blocking somewhat my connection to ‘source’ (or whatever you would like to call this….)  i don’t really want to name what was blocking it, so as not to focus on it and give it more weight…. but its interesting the shape and form it took, i worked to release it….i think i did for a while at least…at least to start the process of releasing it….and i felt more connected to the ‘source’….  may it be gone from me for good….melted away and drained away ready to be recycled again for something more beneficial for the earth…..
may i find anything else (if anything) that may cause disconnection and release and clear that, assisting me re-balance, and feel connection….
i also ‘saw’ my healed self, and our healed selves…may these come soon….with ease and grace x