chakra clearing exercises – background

background to the exercises.

when reading ‘shaman healer sage’, i found the chakra clearing exercise and i tried it, and it was happily surprised at how much clearly noticeable effect it had. i was experiencing a lot of verbal, emotional and psychological etc ‘stress’ from someone, and i found myself getting sucked into it. i did the exercises, and all of a sudden, their behaviour towards me didn’t get to me at all, i even found it so ridiculous it was funny, and didn’t take it personally. this showed me that there may be more to this theory of chakras and energy field cleansing than i realised (and that it is possible for anyone to do this work).

although I didn’t that first time, I find it can be useful to do these exercises, having opened sacred space, and having opened the virracocha (more info on this here: openingsacredspace).

it can also be useful, just as we did on our training, to explore the areas around the chakra areas, and have a feel of where the chakras are, maybe get an idea of their shape, size etc. some people sense these chakras visually, others kinaesthetically – feeling the changes of energy around that area, others may use a mixture of senses. this sensing of the area of the chakras surprised me, and i still use my hand to sense where each chakra is when working with illuminations. both working with the chakras, and receiving the traditional and munay ki ‘kawak’ seer rites also seem to have enhanced my perceptions of energy.. however much is sensed, it is still the intention that is key to the exercise.

an interpretation of how the chakras appear can be seen in this painting by alex grey (


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