don jicaram quotes

here’s some of my favourite quotes of don jicaram, from various alberto villoldo books.  he is one of the main mentors of Alberto. his words (translated by alberto) are some of my favourite in the books – these are among his words that resonate so much with me……

photo by meirion wynn roberts

“i do not bestow grace on anyone. i just hold sacred space to allow that to occur”


journey stars

we are luminous beings on a journey through the stars,” the old Indian said to me “we are star travelers, that have existed since the beginning of time.”

i asked him how he knew this. I looked at this medicine man living out the last years of his life. the clear dark eyes glittered with the vibrancy of a young man still in his twenties.

“i know”, he said. “i have seen it.”

“…you end up with an entirely different focus when the tradition of a culture is not founded on the fall from grace, where man was never  banished from the garden of eden and lives close to nature and nature is a manifestation of the divine……We were never banished from the garden you see. The ground was never cursed on our account, as your bible claims. nature is not hostile to us. We are her caretakers”.

a power animals

“these so called power animals are energies of nature, elemental spirits that we personify as animals. i like to think of them as a merging of you and a force in nature.  a manifestation of an archetypical energy in time or space.  primitive consciousness personifies them as animals, and they assume that form when we connect with them. that is a good theory at least”

lagoon quote

“take for example, the lagoon….here is a poetic expression of the psyche. the surface that we are accustomed to seeing is dependent on what lies below. the unseen depths support the surface, yes? …we are used to standing on the shore and seeing the surface of the lagoon. we can deduce very little of what lies below the surface. anyone can fall into the lagoon, but they would have no idea of what dangers the depths may contain. it could be very deep, there could be plants waiting to entangle, there could be piranas…..but if you change your perspective on the water, see where the sun shines beneath its surface and look at it from that point of view, from above, where the eagle flies, then you can see into it’s depths, see what supports the surface, see what lies below…once you acquire the vision, you can know the lagoon and swim where you will…

…that perspective allows you to see not only the present condition of the lagoon , but much of its history, everything that has touched its surface and sunk to the bottom. you can even see the effect that whatever has penetrated it’s surfaces has had on the life on the lagoon. a sunken log that plants have grown on and fish must swim around. everything that has ever changed its character. some things are deeply embedded and are no longer distinguishable, but all of them are visible”

lagoon  quote2

‘a lagoon is part of a stream. it is a place where the shore widens and the centre deepens and the water slows, but the water is, nevertheless constantly flowing through it…..i can even travel upstream, nearer its source, and affect the lagoon in any number of ways by affecting its source. i can place the object in the stream that, eventually, if nothing interferes along the way, will reach the lagoon, and, if it stays there long enough, it might sink in…..i can place my hand in the water and cause a ripple in the stream that will eventually reach the lagoon and reverberate through it. It might even upend the canoe that you are sitting in, or save you by washing you ashore’


‘the mesa is a collection of power objects through which one engages the forces of nature. it is the centre of ritual….it can be as simple as bed of pine needles and a few stones’

“a power object is a focal point…like a tuning fork’


“the shaman knows that there is a sea of consciousness that is universal even though we perceive it from our own shores, an awareness and a world that we all share, that can be experiences by every living thing….and the shaman is the master if the other world. he lives with one foot in this world…and one foot in the world of spirit”

medicine wheel

the medicine wheel, the fourfold path of knowledge…is also called the journey of the four winds. it is the legendary journey that an initiate undertakes to become a person of knowledge…the medicine wheel is the mandala…although there exists no real symbol for it, just as there are no writings, no figure of worship, no human prophet, or son of a deity. none are needed.

 the journey through the medicine wheel is a journey taken to awaken vision and to discover and embrace the divine within oneself, to re-establish one’s connection with nature and the mystery of the cosmos, to acquire skills and the wisdom to use them…

 the four winds are marked out like the cardinal points of a compass…it begins in the south, the serpent path, where one goes to shed the past, just as the serpent shed its skin. the jaguar path in the west…is where one loses fear and faces death. in the north one takes the dragon path to discover the wisdom of the ancients and to create a union with the divine…the eagle path of the east – the flight to the sun and the journey back to one’s home to exercise one’s vision in the context of one’s life and work….

…it is a charming program, don’t you think?”



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