eagle, condor


(picture: golden eagle by janet baxter http://janetbaxterphotography.co.uk/p849558837/h3C476B#h3c476b )

realm : the realm of energy…the energetic field

principle: self – transcending principle.

‘everything is…and is not’

qualities :

~spirit and light.

~ of release.

~ transformation.

~ self – transcendence

~ closeness to source


~insight, foresight
~seeing the world from new perspectives

~the eagle can see the wider picture, taking in the environment- the trees, the river, the mountains; and also can focus in on a small detail

~great power to affect our reality from a place close to source…

a space where :

~we can perceive the world of the energetic

~we can transcend our stories, limiting beliefs

~we can create what we choose for our lives

~we can download a new destiny, influence our destiny….and see and choose….which reality am I choosing?

~where 99% is consciousness, 1% physical

perceptions :

~perceiving the world of energy

~there are no problems- simply god experiencing self…

~god experiencing self in many ways….as individual parts….and as all one….a whole that is and is greater than the sum of its parts….

‘when you ask the laika who she is, she will tell you “the mountains a, i, the river am i, the eagle am i, the rock am i…at the level of eagle she knows that she is god … [experiencing life]…as herself.’ (alberto villoldo, four insights)

~someone giving food to another is spirit nourishing spirit.

~feeling and realising a destiny of meaning and purpose in whatever way feels right for each individual.

language:  energy.

can assist us :

~in finding our guiding vision.

~understanding and seeing the interconnectedness all creation

~ realising that we are god experiencing life as ourselves

~realising of us being both individuals on our individual journeys, and at the same time all one…

~noticing the synchronisities in our realities.

~to soar above trivial ‘problems’, ‘battles’, ‘drama triangles’, to see them from new perspectives, to release our holds on them

~and to see our life story from the bigger picture…the bigger picture of the hero’s journey and/or the envisionary journey…

~ step into our becoming,

~ to step into our power.

can teach us:

~the ability to see from higher perspectives, with vision of clarity

~and to fly wing to wing with great spirit.

~to embody that which is to be healed, and it be healed.

~clear imprints that attracted situation/condition

~see into past and future, stepping beyond time, helping us to know where we have come from, who we are, and who we are becoming.

~work at the energetic, and it can affect all levels, like putting finger at the source of a stream, can affect a lagoon that is sourced from that stream. (and so using less energy and time to create that change)

“there is no time, so we can change things before they come into existence. we can dream the world into being before energy ever acquires physical form”. (alberto villoldo, the four insights, p.19).

alberto also uses metaphor to explain this further, saying that, in physics, chaos theory explains that a tropical storm can be caused by a butterfly flapping it’s wings. though it is difficult to change a hurricane in full flow, he says that ‘from eagle we can cross time and find that hurricane while it’s still a whisper of wind on the edge of a butterfly’s wing – that is we can heal that storm before its even born’.

‘our perception of the world determines its very nature’ – quantum physics.

associated with :

alberto associated this with the frontal lobes ‘god brain’. he also says biologists believe this transcending principle one of the ‘prime agendas’ of evolution.- molecules self-transcending to become cells, cells to simple organisms, simple organisms to complex,   also e.g. from elements, to tissues to organs to animal…a whale has organs, yet is more than just organs-.the whole transcends the sum of it’s parts  (shaman, healer, sage: p.145).

~quantum mechanics – the table that looks so solid isn’t actually solid as it looks, but made up of vibrating energies

~the world dreaming itself into being. ‘the squirrels…the fish…even the stones though their slumber is deep’ (alberto villoldo, the four insights, p.18).
where quantum physicists may tell us how it happens, the laika tell us how we can co-create our reality….

healing at this level assisted by :

~ energetic work,

~work of ‘wisdom of spirit’

~ awareness
~working with the energetic field e.g. bands of protection, illumination, journeying, clearing chakras

~ envisioning and stepping in

~rather than praying ‘for’ something like health, praying health

~self healing. ‘being the change you wish to see in the world’

This self-transcending principle guides evolution.
Living molecules, become cells, which form tissues, these become organs, which form collections of organs, which transcend to be whole complex being such as humans, whales.

Each transcending jump is inclusive of all the levels beneath it
Cells are inclusive of molecules yet transcend them
A bird is inclusive of organs, yet are not described by them.
Healing of the organs, can benefit the cells before them.

On the winds of the eagle, we rise above our day to day to struggles, to gain perspectives and see things as they really are.

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