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19th-20th November Deep Energy Medicine Training (foundation), Residential, Shrewsbury

2016 – prev

Various including
Fire in the Mountain Festival
Virgo Festival
Conscious Tribal Gathering
GreenMan Festival
Winds of the South training.
Deep Energy Medicine Training.


Various including
Fire in the Mountain Festival
Conscious Tribal Gathering
Snowdon Vegan Party fundraiser
Shambala Festival



5th December Energy Workshop and Gathering.

13th December. Connecting with the Archetypes workshop.

7th December, Tasters at Ellie’s Mind, Body, Spirit Fayre, Deeside.

21st December. Solstice Celebration 🙂 Giving appreciation to the solar journeying time…..and journeying to a place deep within us.



5th Jan energy clearing, grounding and rebalancing self workshop….borras, wrecsam.

20th Jan journeying workshop…near town centre, wrecsam


3rd February.  energy clearing workshop, clearing the past month, ready for the new month ahead…borras, wrecsam.

Other events include:
Womens Festival Llangollen.

Conscious Camp.

Fire in the Mountain Festival.

Glastonbury Festival.



7 November Winds of the South – work of the awenydd practitioner training, session two.

11th November ~ taster massages at school christmas fayre to raise money for st.chrisophers school, wrecsam,

18th November ~ taster massages to raise money for st.chrisophers school, wrecsam.

19th November ~ baby and infant massage class, wrecsam.

21st November Winds of the South –  practitioner training, session three.

28th November: Winds of the South – practitioner training, session four.


8th Oct. Full moon fire, Borras, Wrecsam.

10th Oct, Winds of the South – work of the awenydd practitioner training, session one.

Oct, Tasters at F-Network event, Crab Manor, Chester.

31st Oct. Ancestor Haywarikuy, Penycae


21st September ~ peace circle and massages at worldpeace day event, llwyn isaf, wrecsam

22nd September ~ massage in schools program workshops, world peace day, wrecsam.

23rd September ~ Equinox and full moon celebration and workshop. Wrecsam,

27th September, Workshop and taster sessions at Health & Well being Event. Wrecsam Memorial Hall (next to waterworld). 10am-5pm

28th September. Vegfest London Workshop 🙂

30th September: Tasters at the Green Pages event, Chester.



22nd-25th August: Shambala Festival. Workshops, Ceremony and Sessions.



10th July. Journeying Workshop, Wrecasm.

17th-21st July: Rawfest. Ceremony, Workshops and Sessions.

25-27th July Workshop and Sessions, VON Snowdon weekend.

Thursday 1st May. Beltane Workshops and Ceremony, Wrecsam.

3rd-5th May Taster Energy Massage at Llangollens Womens Festival.


Full Moon/Weds 14th May. Energy Work Workshop. Wrecsam.

Sat 17th May. Energy Clearing Workshop and Energy Massage taster sessions raising money for VON, Manchester Vegan Fair.


Sunday 18th May. Energy Massage taster sessions, raising money for The Sanctuary project, Glyndwr University, Wrexham.

Fri 22nd and Saturday 23rd May. Conscious Camp. Workshops and sessions (tbc) Glyndyfrydwy.

Sunday May 24th. 3pm: Bristol Vegfest.

New Moon/Weds 28th May. Energy Work Workshop.

May 29th-1st June: Fire in the Mountain Festival. Workshops, Energy work and Energy Massge Sessions.

Full Moon/Friday 13th June. Energy work workshop (and full moon fire if weather allows)

June: Glastonbury Festival: Solstice Ceremony, Connecting with life force energy Workshops, Munay Ki.

July: Energy Massage, Private Party.

1st March:  New Moon Gathering, Wrecsam. 6.30/7pm onwards: Workshop
Inspired by the celebration of Cymru this day (with Cymru meaning the land where the people live, and the Cymry/Cymro…’fellow country person’), this workshop will be celebrating our connection with the land. 

16th March: Full Moon Gathering. Workshop and Gathering, Wrecsam. 5m onwards.
introduction to shadow ~ mirror work….reintegrating hidden parts of ourselves into our whole…

20th March: Equinox Gathering. Workshop and practise…..working with inner (and outer) balance.

30th March: New Moon Gathering: Workshop, Meditation and Ceremony, Wrecsam. 6.30/7pm onwards. Celebrating the gifts of spring.

piccccccApril 13th-20th: Journey of the Healing Winds- South training, Seville, Spain at the beautiful La Palmilla Retreat Centre… a project working to live sustainably and form community there.
Accommodation, food, use of swimming pool, massage, airport transfers: £350
Training itself: Gift Economy 🙂 Free Childcare available 🙂
For more information on the training: Journey of Healing Winds (Medicine Wheel)



.Past  events:




14th February: Full Moon Gathering, Wrecsam.

Stillness meditation and munay haywarikuy… connecting to self and cultivating munay in our inner and outer worlds.


1st February. Energy Massage at Mountain Music and Arts Imbolc Gathering, UndegUn, Wrecsam 🙂


31st Jan. New Moon, Imbolc Eve and Chinese New Year of the (Wood) Horse Celebrations.

16th Jan. Full Moon Ceremony, Wrecsam.

1st Jan. New Moon Ceremony, Devon.


solstice fire

21st December Winter Solstice Haywarisqa Ceremony, Wrecsam.

18th December Energy Work and Energy Massage with foodshare, Yum Yum Project


14th December. Energy Massage at Undegun Community Project, Wrecsam

12th December. Massage at Local Care Home, Wrecsam.


7th December. Energy massage. Birmingham Cruelty Free Christmas Fair.


30th November. Energy massage. Shrewsbury Cruelty Free Christmas Fair.

27th November Energy Work, Shadow work and Massage at the Yum Yum Project, Wrecsam.

7th November : Introduction to the Journey of the Four Winds (Medicine Wheel) training for families, Wrecsam.

13th  November: Energy Massage. Yum Yum Project, 5b Abbott Street, Wrexham.


27th October: Samhain Ceremony: Cae Mabon, Snowdonia. Ancestor Haywarisqa –  giving gratitiude and honouring for the beautiful gifts our ancestors have given us… and sending our wishes for the gifts that we would like to give future generations if they choose to receive them 🙂 10pm onwards.

26th October: Energy Massage sessions: Cae Mabon, Snowdonia.



21st September. Energy Massage and Meditation. World Peace Day, Llwyn Isaf, (Wrecsam library field).


20th September. Massage and Peace Workshop. World Peace Day local schools event. Wrecsam.



Connecting with Life Force Energies workshop: 18th September. Yum Yum Project, Oriel Wrexham.



Spiritseekers Camp: Eco-Retreat, Snowdonia, 6-8 September. Workshops and Munay Ki.

Shambala Festival
: 22nd-27th August. Opening and closing ceremony, Workshops. Opening and Closing Ceremonies plus workshops at the Healing Fields, Shambala Festival.


Thursday 22nd August 3pm-4pm – Opening Ceremony.

Friday 23rd August 5pm-6.30 – Energy Clearing workshop – techniques to clear heavy energy energies form our energy fields & bring free-flowing life energy in

Saturday 24th August 4.30-6pm Clearing our past, creating our future workshop: letting go of old stories that no longer serve us & setting our intention to bring our dreams into reality

Sunday 25th August 6pm-6.30pm Closing     Ceremony
(picture: at shambala festival by Carolina Faruolo)


29th August-1st September. Rawfest:  Healing Fields Co-rdinator and Workshop Holder.


Shadow Workshop
. Tamera Peace Research Centre, Tamera, Portugal. 8th August.

Mind Body Spirit Fayre, R.A.F.A. club. Llangollen. Saturday 13th and 14th July.


29th June. Glastonbury Festival: Nature Painting workshop – working with nature for self-healing.

Journey of the Four Winds (Medicine Wheel – South): Acrefair. Wednesday 19th June. 11.30-4.30pm

Foundation in Munay Ki/Journey of the Four Winds : Thursday 6th June, Acrefair. 11.30-3pm.

Fire in the Mountain Festival, Aberystwyth, June. Opening and Closing Ceremony in the Healing Fields, Energy Clearing Workshop, Shifting Perceptual States Workshop, Munay Ki and Session work.

2012 included:

23rd-27th August. Sunrise off grid festival, Cheddar, Somerset  Ceremonies, Mythic Mapping workshop at the Gaia dome.

31st August-3rd September, Rawfest: Cornwall healing fields co-ordinator, ceremony, workshops.

liz and pauline on the munay ki workshop

Munay Ki training, Wrecsam.

Munay Ki, Berlin.




Munay Ki, London.




2011 included

Sunrise Offgrid Festival: Workshops.

Spirit-seekers Camp, Cox Wood. Munay Ki and other workshops.

Munay Ki training, Wrecsam.



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