Brief general info on this work

 There is so much depth of learning to the training and experiences, and there is so much depth to individuals…and each individual session…with a range of flowing processes to tailor to these, that to sum it all up in a few words is a bit like trying to put a river into a wine glass, or all the awen into a cauldron to me….

 Here is my attempt to do so anyway however ; )

This work, to me, is a holistic health work – working at the levels of the body, mind, ‘soul’, and energetic field to assist self-healing processes..

Each of these can support and assist the others, so working for healing at these levels can bring about beneficial effects. for example, a lot of this work is at the level of the energetic field, which in turn, then can inform, and create beneficial changes to soul, mind and body.

This work to me, is also about bringing ourselves back into balance – back into balance with ourselves, and with our lives in the environment around us, when we are in balance in this way, it is what is known as ‘ayni’, ‘right relationship’/in balance with the world. being in balance within ourselves, our body, as well as in balance with the environment can give the natural conditions for self-healing, health and well being.

This work can also be about reconnection.. reconnection to ourselves, to universal life force creating and source each other…. and to nature…. allowing these connections to assist us in our self-healing and inform us in our learnings and experiences….

This work can be about re-finding ourselves, re-remembering ourselves, gaining personal insights, and furthering self-knowledge…

It can assist us in our journeys of self-discovery…learning who we really are, discovering even more our potential…assisting us be ourselves…

and this can include finding and integrating parts of ourselves that we may have thought (consciously or unconsciously) we had to hide and parts of ourselves that fled due to trauma..that we are ready to bring back into our whole again…..

This work can assist us to let go of old patterns that no longer beneficial to us,
instead…finding and setting clear intention of what we wish to bring in/enhance in our lives, assisting our consciously creating and co-creating our reality

It can help us release tension, stress, grudges, old stories…..things that we have been holding on that would be more beneficial to let go of….
….allowing in its place relaxation, the feeling of inner peace…assisting us achieve that natural balance in the body (known as homeostasis), mind, ‘soul’ and energetic….

This work can assist and enhance natural self-healing capabilities…tapping into the body, mind and souls capacities to self-heal….the neuroplastisity ability for change

With this work challenges in our lives can become healing pieces – opportunities for growth…hurts can become strengths, feeling lost can help us come into more self-knowing.

It is said that many of us are on a healing journey….a journey to health, learning valuable lessons along the way, and the more we step on this journey, the more we step into our envisionary journeys…consciously choosing what we wish to create/co-create and participate in ….a practitioner in a session and workshops can give guidance, assistance and support for individuals (and groups) in their journeys…



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