an ‘illumination’ is one of the main processes in session work. most sessions include illumination as part of the process.

the illumination process works with ‘imprints’ in our energy field….where old stories/patterns have are said to have imprinted onto our energy field… forming a place where these old stories are stored, and attracting further similar stories into our lives, over and over again, forming repeated patterns that occur to us in our lives….

during an illumination we tap this imprint, release the ‘hucha’ (heavy/stagnant) energy that has built up in and around that imprint, and clear the imprint.

then when this energy connected to the imprint is released, this allows ‘sami’ (light, free flowing) energy to flow into its place, and flow freely through the body. during an illumination we additionally bring in sami energy allowing it to flow and overwrite where the imprints old instructions were….

through this process we can receive release and transformation of issues, challenges, unhelpful patterns, old stories that no longer serve us and affinities that are attracting certain situations (often repeatedly) into our lives.

at the mythic or ‘soul level’, issues and challenges in our lives can change from being viewed as wounds, to finding the gift in these experiences, allowing us to release the experience itself, and allowing us to have instead increased inner strength a gift of insight and/or wisdom, self understanding, self knowledge…or something else beneficial to our lives… the practitioner you work with is but a guide to assist you in your achieving this releasing, clearing and transforming.

at the level of the mind, illuminations can assist the releasing of emotional baggage that comes with that memory… this can be easier if we have learned a lesson and/or found a gift that the experience has given us, so that we do not need to keep this imprint of this experience stored in our energy field (which experience suggests, actually attracts more of the same experiences into our lives)

at the place of the body, we no longer have to store this information in the body, so we may feel physical release too….some say this is the releasing of cellular memories….the releasing of the energetic, ‘soul level’ and emotional/mind level is thought to also release the influence they have on their body…. also contributing to physical release.

for more of the tools we use in sessions, workshops and training, please feel free to browse round this website…. this website is currently just a fraction of the processes we work with, so even more information will be added over time too…..

more information of what happens during an illumination on a practical level can be found here: the process of illumination


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