the story of the two wolves….


…a wise elder talking to his grandson….

….there is a fight going on within the mind and heart of every human being that is alive in this world today. if you do not know that it is happening it could drive you crazy.

it is as if there are two big wolves living inside me. one wolf is good, kind, and does no harm. he lives in harmony with all that is around him and does not take offence. the good wolf, grounded and strong in the understanding of who he is and what he is capable of, fights only when right to do so and when he must protect himself and his family and even then he does it in the right way. he looks out for all the other wolves in his pack and never deviates from his nature. 

but there is another wolf also inside me, and this wolf is very different. he is loud, angry, jealous, discontented and afraid. the littlest thing will set him off in a fit of rage. he fights with every one, all the time, for no reason. he cannot think clearly because his greed for more and his anger will change nothing. but it is unhelpful anger son, for it will change nothing. he looks for trouble wherever he goes, so he easily finds it. he trusts no-one so he has so real friends.

sometimes its hard to live with these two wolves inside me, for both of them fight hard to dominate my spirit.

which one of the wolves wins grandfather?

they both do son, when i feed only the kind wolf, the angry wolf will be waiting round every corner to see when i’m off balance, and attack the white wolf, causing problems for me and my tribe. he will always be angry and fighting for attention that it craves.

but if i feed the angry, greedy wolf a little, and understand its nature….if i acknowledge him for the strong force that he is and let him know that i respect him for his character and will use him to help me if we as a tribe are ever in big trouble, if i do this, then he will be happy, the white wolf will be happy, and both will win.

i don’t understand, how can both win?

you see son, the angry wolf has many important qualities that i might need, and a deepening of understanding of what comes my way; he is fierce, strong willed, and will not back down for a moment. he is smart and clever to think of devious strategies in war. in the midst of an attack he could be our greatest ally.

if i feed them both they no longer need fight for my attention, and i can use both of them as needed. and since there is no war going on between them, i can hear the voice of deeper knowing, and choose which wolf to deal with in each circumstance.

if you grandmother asks me to cook a special meal that i have not done well, i can ask my kind wolf to console her angry wolf, the white wolf always knows what to say and be sensitive to someone’s needs.

you see son, if you understand that there is two main forces inside of you and you give them both equal respect, they will both win, and be in peace.

and peace my son, in our tradition, is our ultimate purpose in life.

a man who is pulled apart by the war is nothing. a man who has peace inside has everything. you can choose how you will interact with these forces inside of you. what you decide will determine the quality of your life. if one of the wolves needs special attention, you don’t need to be ashamed, just admit it to your elders, and when out us out in the open, those who have battled a similar struggle can offer you their wisdom of experience with you.

(pictures by susan seddon-boulet)

(this is a story that i’ve heard a number of versions of, this is my favourite version so far. to me, it is a way of describing the self that speaks volumes, and also reminds me of the ‘shadow’ work of the west…..this version i read in debbie ford’s book dark shadow of the light chasers….tho maybe cud be adapted again to suggest that  there are many ‘wolves’ inside us – many parts of us with qualities to accept, integrate, and feed with appreciation of it’s quality. and that what is termed ‘bad wolf’ actually has qualities that can be very useful in certain situations )

more information on shadow work, finding shadow pieces, and freeing shadows including journey to integrate shadow pieces and stepping into and integrating shadow pieces are on the highlights links here…   workshops and sessions on this are also available too  😉

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