i have been reluctant to list diagnosis’ that have been given to individuals who i have found have benefited from this work in various ways… nor to focus on why they came for sessions (which have varied greatly) but to instead remember the healed piece found…

…and as alberto villoldo explains, this work is healing, not curing, even though curing may be, and often is a result of healing….it is healing work….assisting natural self-healing processes….

“I found that there is a difference between curing and healing.  Curing is remedial and involves fixing whatever outer problem arises, such as patching a tyre if you have a flat, or treating snakebite, or using chemotherapy to control a tumour. It does not help you avoid the nails on the road, the snakes in the woods, or the disease that caused the tumour.

 Healing transforms one’s life, and often, though not always, produces a physical cure.  I have seen many medical cures in which healing did not occur. I have also seen instances in which there was great healing but the patient passed away. While healing, we measure success by increased wellbeing, by a sense of new found peace, empowerment, and a feeling of communion with all life”.

(Alberto Villoldo, Shaman, Healer, Sage).

. achterberg, dossey, and kolkmeier looking at traditional healing in their book ‘healing images’ similarly state:

.“in many traditional cultures, it is also believed that the purpose of healing is not just to return body or mind to what society considers normal. rather, the goal is to become better, more enlightened, or stronger than before the problem existed, much as a broken bone, when mended, gains added strength”

bearing this in mind, as i’ve been asked, here are a few examples of the kinds of conditions that i’ve found that this work has assisted with to alleviate or transform ‘symptoms’, just to give an idea:

Chronic Pain

Back Pain





Trauma – emotional and physical.



Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Relieving and coping with symptoms of HIV/AIDs (complementary medicine)

Relieving and coping with symptoms, assisting mainstream medicine with the overcoming of cancer.

Lack of confidence

Low self esteem


Suicidal Thoughts.

Food Disorders.





Feeling unhappy in self.




Assisting relieve symptoms of bipolar .

Unhealthy relationship patterns.

Unwanted life patterns.

Addictions (Alcohol, Smoking, Drugs).

Feeling stuck.

Feeling ungrounded,

Family issues.

Feeling over-sensitive to others emotions and behaviours.

Psychological affects of domestic violence.

Trauma of absent parent.

Trauma of abuse (e.g. physical / emotional / verbal / sexual).

Feeling disconnected.

Unhealthy anger issues.

Feeling out of balance.

Feeling disconnected.

This list could go on….whatever the symptoms/diagnosis/situation/experience, if this work resonates with you, then you’re welcome to try a session and see if it work for you… to quote miten: ‘no promises, no guarantees, but it can happen to you, if it happened to me’ 😉


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