exploring energy exercises

in working with this work, it can be useful to explore our sense of energy. and the more we use this sense, the stronger this sense can grow.

many of us have some awareness of this sense of energy already, like the feeling that someone is looking at us, and turning around to find that someone is staring right at us, or if they feel someone walk in the room before they see or hear them.

on this some page are some exercises to play with to increase awareness of energy..

exercise one
working in pairs.
we can label one person blue, one person green. stand close together, green person standing behind green. ‘blue’ person closes their eyes, and takes a moment to feel what it feels like to have that other person ‘green’ standing close to them, without actually seeing them, sensing them in other ways, see if they can sense green’s energy.

then, slowly, person green walks away from blue person, and blue takes that time to notice the feeling of any changes in energy that they can perceive. green takes small slow steps away from blue, stops feeling green’s energy and says ‘stop’.

then blue opens their eyes. look around and see how close together you are. depending on individuals the amount this space is varies a lot 🙂

exercise two.

similar to above, but green begins far away behind blue, and blue stays with eyes closed. when blue notices a change in feeling, a change in energy, say ‘stop’. look around see how close the space is.

this is one of the first energy exercises i participated in i think-all credit to the nytw for giving us that exercise.

exercise 3

buy a theremin or have access to a theremin. play with it. hear the sounds that are made by just moving your hand near the thermin.

see you are playing with energy 😉 you may not be able to see it visually, but it’s there, and the interaction with the energy with the theremin, allows you to hear it’s effects.

exercise 4.

go to a live music gig. see if you can notice changes of energy in the crowd, in the music, in the musician(s)

maybe you’ll notice changes in energy in everyday life too. for example, picking up that someone feels sad or really happy, even though they haven’t said so. (the visual aspect such as body language also assists with picking these things up, but the energetic aspect, quite a few people can also notice, even before they see the person’s body language properly)

also, seeing if you feel whether you can sense changes in how it feels to be in towns, how that compares with being in nature. again theres the visual aspect, but can also set intention to be aware of the energetic aspect…how it feels. you can close your eyes if that helps.

exercise 6.

you could also try a ‘sound bath’, for example a ‘gong bath’, or a ‘didgeridoo bath’. where sounds are made from a gong, a didgeridoo or similar with the intention of healing and/or journeying. see how the sound makes you feel, the energies the sounds create, and instigate in you.

exercise 7

take a strong magnet and some iron filings (or other light metal objects that are attracted to magnets). play with them and see the effects of the magnetic . keep the magnet a short distance away from the filings, and see how they move, even though it’s not touching. see if you can put the magnet over the filings in a bag or similar so that they arrange so show the magnet field…an energy field not able to usually see. there are also experiments where temporarily you can make a pin, or nail or paper clip magnetic, by rubbing the magnet down it, in one direction, it may become magnetic, and pick up another light object.

exercise 8.

play with static electricity. again, as with the other exercises, even if can’t see it,  can feel it and see the effects. all helping us remember that there are energies around that we cannot necessarily visually see, but we can notice their effects.

exercise 9.

ok. enough with the play, lets get down to the more to work… actually….play with this too 😉

open your virracocha (information on how to do this will be posted soon but is essentially dipping fingers into 8th chakra and opening up energy field round the body). open it up over yourself. explore with fingers and touch what it feels like…notice any changes in energy, and textures, feelings in the air around your standing still space.

when ready bring the energy field back to your 8th chakra,

exercise 10.

work in pairs….lets say blue and green again.

blue opens virracocha over self, then over green person. blue puts a hand on somewhere comfortable on green. on the shoulder for example, and silently, in mind, think ‘i’m here for you’, blue focuses on that thought, that feeling, holding that person in their virracocha, holding that thought and feelign ‘i’m there for you’. green simply notices how that feels.

then blue changes that thought. start thinking about something else, something distractings, something like ‘what’s for dinner’, ‘what do i need to buy from the shops’, start listing the times tables. something like that. green notice how that feels.

now blue, come back to the thought, focus, the ‘intention’ of ‘i’m here for you’, and again, green, notice how that feels.

blue bring virracocha back from over green to self, to your 8th chakra, and then bring virracocha form over yourself, back to your 8th chakra.

share how that feels.

there is another exercise with variations….though i might keep that for workshops for now. it’s an exercise i don’t always do it workshops even, as it’s messing about with individuals energy fields, so although we stop the effects and rebalance the individual, and although we can affect individuals anyway just by our thoughts and actions, so the exercise is useful to do to help us be aware of that, i think it’s good to do it in a held space, held by a shaman or similar.

basically it involved, muscle testing an individual. then messing about with the energy field, doing something to the meridians, looking them up and down the ‘wrong’ way or similar, then muscle testing again, and see the difference in the strength of that person. so can weaken them in this way. or of course, strengthen them. nlp plays about with this effect in a way, though they normally do this at the mind level, rather than the energetic. and it can be done at the energetic level too. all levels even. it can be done, as with the looking the person up and down in a not nice way, basically just with though. so it helps us be aware and mindful of what we’re thinking about others 😉 (and ourselves)

also, amazingly to me (i just had to try it and i was amazed), this exercise can be done with the other person in another room! exactly the same, but wall dividing eachother, and can’t see each other. when working with one person who was trying to resist, even when feeling affected by what i’d done, still trying to stay strong despite that (i did that too at first….what my working partner had done had made me feel drained and sick, but i still managed to resist and stay pretty strong. after that, after talking to an assistant i thought i might as well just go with the exercise….still made me feel weak and sick though). anyway, despite the person i was working with trying to resist, when i actually went out of the room and couldn’t see them, and they couldn’t see me, and did the same thing with the meridians that i did in the room with her there…..it actually had more affect when i was further away from her, out of the room, out of sight and sound of eachother!

so really useful to be mindful of our thoughts towards individuals, even when far away from eachother.

(maybe that has similar reasons/explanations for that happening, like times when have thoughts of a person, and then suddenly get a phone call from them, or when really close to a person, can sometimes start singing the same song or something)

there are many more energy exercises around of course….. qi gong, for example, has very many…plenty 🙂 worth trying out if you like the idea 🙂

and if you receive the ‘kawak’ rites, as part of the medicine wheel, healing spiral and/or munay ki, you may notice a stronger sense of energy when doing these exercises, when you choose to do so, in every day life and/or when doing this work etc. also the more i work with energy, the more i seem to be noticing it.

there are exercises working with the chakras that could be added to this page. the link to those are here : working with the chakras

other games to play….working with energy

(to be added 😉

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