extraction work experiences

some notes of experiences…. i could add more but find it good to just let the memories of the extraction work to slide away… just as the energies have been released, so can the memories… it can be beneficial to let them go, and keep informing from the present and future instead…

however, out of interest, he are a few experiences…. (will come back to add and re-edit when i have time)

experience of crystalline extraction

the more we work at the level of the energetic, the more our sense for this can develop. for example, i came from a place of not thinking that chakras exist, to be able to sense where they are, just by noticing a change in the feeling of energy when moving my hand a few inches over someone’s body. from carefully sensing the energy field of crystalline extractions, hesitantly and unsurely, finding a feeling of change in the sense of energy, now they are ‘just there’….and i help release them, with the individuals that i am working with permission.

the more you work a sense, the stronger it can potentially get…..and i’m finding that with this work….i was receiving an extraction and someone removed something from my energy field and it the removal had the same feeling as if i’d had a duvet or blanket over me, and she’d carefully pulled the duvet from over me….. from that feeling of slight heaviness to lighterness…..i think i even opened my eyes to double check that i hadn’t just had a duvet put on and taken off me, the feeling was so tangible…

there are many other examples of times where these tangible feelings have been felt by individuals receiving the sessions… nothing may be noticed too of course….but the number of times it is, being tangible to both of us, well, just makes me raise my eyebrows in surprise and amazement…

of course, maybe it ought to be time by now that it no longer surprises me….and while i’m no longer surprised when i find and clear stuff, the effect noticed when clearing it still manage to amaze and surprise me. perhaps it is because i just work from the premise that it is likely to be true…neither disbelieving or believing, just working form the experiential evidence that beneficial effects can occur, and working from this premise based on this experiential evidence, that this could be true, or at least can have these beneficial effects does leave me open to this amazement and surprise each time J


experiences of fluid extraction

when we release the energies, we release them to the directions, earth, or ‘source’ ‘spirit’ ‘upper world’

again, the more we work with the energies; it can be more sensitive in sensing them. as we clear the crystals, before it was releasing, as i wasn’t sure where it was going, more recently, often i can sense/notice where the energy goes, to which direction, to the earth, or upwards to source/spirit/upperworld/’heavens’. saying that, i’ve worked with people doing this for the first or second time who have been able to sense where the energy went…it just took me a bit longer to do so 😉 but that’s ok too, we all develop our skills/senses at different rates and in different ways 😉 x

a bit more about fluid energies. well, they can be things like emotional impacts, emotions of others running around our fields….they can be energies of others that are still running about our energy field…energies of people that were so close to us, that we were so used to them, we didn’t view them as so separate from us and were able to come in.  to give you an example, i was in an abusive relationship. it was a bit of a nightmare, to say the least. when we were learning extraction work, i’d been on the phone to him, and well, he was being a bit of a nightmare to say the least, so it had come up for work alright….just in time for me to be a demo. i was talking about it….well even before i started talking, i was in tears…..when the extraction was being done i was crying away, then when whoosh, the energy was out….suddenly i stopped crying… it was like you may have seen a baby or young child do, cry loads really upset, then all of a sudden stop crying and be suddenly ok again. that’s what happened with me. i think maybe my mouth was open with surprise. i had had no control over it, i’d been trying to stop myself crying earlier on during the extraction, especially as i’d been in front of the class, and just couldn’t stop myself, and all of a sudden it stopped…just as my teacher had whooshed the crystal away.  i was told that often in relationships, especially abusive relationships, but in relationships anyway, we can find ourselves impacted on by the other person’s energy in this way, entangled in our energy field….when it’s more beneficial to release.

i have to say too, my relationship with my ex improved after this….before , even though i was understandably happy for him to be my ex, rather than current partner…. i didn’t get upset by his behaviour so easily… wasn’t drawn into his drama… i wasn’t drawn into the drama triangle of victim, perpetrator or rescuer (of which previously, while often ‘wounded victim’ i could so easily slip into  any of these roles actually)… it probably helped me too, when he tried over and over to get back with me, to be even happier to say no, to really from the inside out to no longer be with him in that way….  i just no longer was attracted to him in that way….there was no pull to be with him ‘cos i loved him whatever he did’… what a freedom, what a release…. what a gift… and much appreciated…  we get on fine with friends now… the odd dispute… but the more i heal myself, the more


illumination experience…

we can easier release that memory if we have learned the lesson, if we have gained the gift from that experiences… of course we may remember that memory if we truly wish again where it can be stored in the past rather than in the imprint of a field, but it is more likely, if we truly choose to remember (for example i normally don’t bother remembering, but may recall it as an example of how the work has helped me heal), it is remembering without bind, the emotional trigger, traumatic response associated with an imprint, and we are much much less likely to attract the same pattern into our lives again. transform and release our imprints we can literally transform our lives. with the imprint, the memory conscious or unconscious may bring us into the drama triangle, placing us as victim, perpetrator or rescuer…. without the imprint, we can be more easily be balanced and ourselves if we choose to remember the story. we can remember the gift it gave if we choose, and from this place it is easier to gift true forgiveness too if we choose…for ourselves and others.


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