extraction work….

illuminations are amazing for releasing ‘hucha’ energy as well as clearing imprints, so in a way, part of the illumination process is a kind of extraction work…there are various other ways of removing energies too…useful for different types of energies…. some examples are given here…

compacted energy extraction
…sometimes the ‘hucha’ energy is more compacted, giving it a more solid ‘appearance’ compared to other hucha energy. this more compacted nature, especially when built up over time, can be a bit more difficult to release through illumination…. so this can be released through other work..
…for this kind of extraction, we usually use ‘crystalline’ extraction or some call it ‘solid’ extraction work.  this is usually basically reaching into the energy field, and taking the ‘crystalline’ / compacted hucha energy out.
…depending on the form this takes, it may be taken out different ways, but essentially it is the bringing it out of the energy field using our hands and intention. …when we bring it out, we give it to earth or fire….as with all hucha energy, it is just energy in not the best place for it (or us), releasing it to earth or fire helps enable it to return to a place that is better for it (and us)……and so it can transform from hucha energy to something more beneficial.

moving energy extraction work
sometimes these energies are different again. sometimes they are energies that move about the energy field….they move about, yet they have been still confined to the field. these are known as ‘fluid energies’.
we tend to release these through ‘fluid extraction’.
in this work, this fluid extraction usually involves the use of a clear many sided quartz crystal, using the crystal as a place where this energy is brought into. then,after the session, the energy that has flowed into the crystal can be released with respect and honouring so that it too can go where is more beneficial for the energy (and us).

if interested in some personal experiences of this work, i’ve started adding some here….


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