gifting the daykeepers rites.

when sharing these rites, we tune into our connection with the daykeepers, especially that we have received from receiving the rites ourselves. With this rite, first set out intention, and request to transmit these rites.

then we tune into the persons energy, hand on shoulders. then we put our stone on their crown chakra, and blow these rites, these connections with the daykeepers energy through the crown chakra.

with our hands to our heart, we then move our hands from our heart, to their second chakra, from our heart to their heart chakra, from our heart to their third eye, transmitting these rites- these energies and connections to the day keepers, the feminine, to our lineage of these, and to our inner daykeepers and feminine*

with our pi stone in one of our hands (or in our pocket), we gently move their head forwards with the our hands either side at the back of the head, guiding them, we touch foreheads, and the energy flows forehead to forehead.

then silently giving thanks, we bring our virracocha back from ourselves.

* For this part, some of us prefer to use the following movements;

We our our hands to our heart chakra, and tune, focus etc. Then we put one hand on our second chakra, and the other (with our stone held in) to their second chakra, the energy moving between.  Then we move our hands to the heart chakra, with one hand on our heart chakra, we move the other to their heart chakra and transmit the enegy. Then we move our hands to our third eye chakra, with one hand on our third eye chakra, we move our other hand to their third eye chakra, and allow the energy to flow. Then we bring our hands back to the heart chakra. then we bring our forehands gently together as described in the next step and continue as above.

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