gatekeeper and guide of the annwfn

gatekeeper and guide of the annwfn, our inner world. the ukhu pacha.

can assist us to see into and explore our subconscious, can guide us in our healing journeys, finding our healing pieces there.

can help us find and bring harmony in shadow-work.

this guide has a variation of appearance between individuals that journey to meet, and so may have a variation of name, many call ‘huasca’, but as you journey and meet you can ask the name for you.

similar to the power animals to me, he/she is an archetype, a representation of an energy/entity that provides support, guidance and assistance. an aspect of ourself, a merging of a force in ourself and in nature….if the word nature can expand further than some currently ascribe it to.

an ‘ally’ to assist us in our journey…and journeying….

a steward, a caretaker of our inner sacred garden….our subconscious.

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