gatekeeper and guide to the hanaq pacha

the gatekeeper and guide in hanaq pacha…also known as the ‘upperworld’.
the upperworld, similar to the ‘higher consciousness’, but not as it higher upper as it is better, just different quality… and we do tend to journey upwards.

again can appear different to different individuals….and i found on connecting with this guide, names can vary too. in the tradition i was taught ‘pachakuti’ is the name (other traditions have different names), i asked the name when working with…and i’m not sure how to spell it, something like ‘soleul’

can assist our connection with what some call ‘spirit guides’ in these ‘upperworlds’ .

embodying of the ability to step outside of time.

to connecting with the infinities that are our upper world…those what seems infinities of possibilities….
to places of inspiration, of imagination, it is suggested where ideas are formed before coming to physical reality (inspiration and imagination can be found in other worlds too 😉 )

can assist us meeting our healed self…
can assist us in meeting the place of our becoming – of who we are becoming 10,000 years from now, and assisting us step into this today.

‘organising principle of the upper world’ (four winds society handout) – can useful to have a guide with and through all this 😉 x

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