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“in hummingbird consciousness, we engage life from the level of the soul. just as that tiny bird finds the valor to take his monumental journey, we can discover the courage to perceive our own lives as a journey of growth and discovery, of spiritual maturation. we don’t fuss about the details of our flight because we feel confident that regardless of what the weather is over north carolina or how few resting spots there will be as we travel across the gulf of mexico, we’ll make it to our destination.

(from courageous dreaming by alberto villoldo)

realm :  of the soul, the mythic.

‘everything is as it should be’

a place of : growth, journey and evolution.

language of : dance, movement, poetry, chanting, meditation, visualisation, music, prayer, song, pictures, dreams, ritual, metaphors, stories- fairy tales, myths, legends.

and all of these can assist us enter the level of hummingbird perception.


~seeing everything as it should be – the bigger picture ‘things are what they truly are – an expressions of the sacred.’ (the four insights by alberto villoldo)

~ of storytellers- tales of gods, of bards – taking things to the mythic level in order to be understand them and find solutions e.g. in fairytales.

~ realising that all is possible.
~the ability to make what may seem an impossible journey- making it possible -although very small, unlike others who journey the transatlantic flight., the hummingbird migrates many miles, from brazil to canada with the ability to trust in their strength to do it, and that there will be food along the way. when it gets the call to go, it goes.

~find and drinks from the nectar of life.

~the realising that all is possible.

~the ability to see who we are, who we came to be, our calling, who we wish to be – who we are.

~the ability to release ourselves from being tied to roles, knowing we can step in and out of roles without them defining who we are.

~finding and choosing what to bring into our lives in place of what we have released

~exploring and discovering like those who crossed the land bridge of the bering strait, alaska, then canada, united states, and south america

~like the bumblebee, it is not built for flight, yet flies beautifully – what may have appeared impossible, is possible.

the hummingbird archetype can assist us in our learning:

~to drink from the sweet nectar in life.

~to notice hidden messages in conversations, books etc. – the ability to ‘read between the lines’

~to notice connections that may be have been hidden to our perceptions otherwise.

~our life journey

~how mythic tales can heal

~stillness and smoothness in movement

hummingbird can also assist us with:

~the courage to embark on an epic journey.

~the sensing of the divine, the sacred

~the feeling that we are on a sacred journey, an epic journey where we are  motivated to drink the nectar that is life.
with those in our lives being fellow travellers.

~learning the lessons whatever is was came to teach us.

~using fairy tales, metaphors, myths to explain, and provide solutions for what we are going through and a physical/ emotional level

~rather than just the symptom, healing the underlying cause,

~seeing how what could be classed as a ‘problem’ is an opportunity.

~finding the benefits and positives of particular behaviours, situations etc

~sensing we are all on a journey to growth, healing.

~seeing paths that lead us back to health, and we move forwards on our healing journey.

~our souls longing to grow.

~the feeling that there is nothing to fix, it is a journey…’everything is source experiencing itself’

healing at this level includes the use of : stories, myths, fairy tales, epic tales, meditation, visualisation, spiritual practice.

associated with:

alberto associates this with the neo-cortex, connected, he says, to our ability to visualise, create and realise.

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other archetypes worked with on the medicine wheel include:


some ways we can connect and work with the archetypes are here :
working with the archetypes


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