(picture: Susan Seddon Boulet)

level/realm : the realm of the mind and emotions.

principle : renewing principle.

how the mind perceives the world.

“nothing is as it seems to be”

(nothing is as it seems to be….as we wrap stories around things that happen….stories that may or may not be true. the mind can build up a whole story about one single happening that affects how we behave, act and react in the world),

language :  of written words, affirmations.

symbolic – using words, language pictures – agreeing certain sounds are words that represent a certain object, feeling etc.

principle : renewal principle.

place : a place where we hold our beliefs about the world.

. . . . . . a place of language, words, image, thought, emotions, feelings,

a place of awareness that our thoughts affect how we perceive and act in the world, beliefs influencing our decisions.

we have choice, but our choice is limited by our beliefs.

we can transform perceptions – one idea, one thought, can suddenly allow us to see the world in a new light- allowing us to break free from feelings, thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve us, and break free form an old pattern of ours that has been preventing us from achieving what we wish to achieve.

uses senses, including sight, taste, smell…

qualities : great tracker.

can see into ‘invisible world’ and ‘create invisible things’

can transform heavy energies in the luminous field transforming hucha energies into sami energies.


has the ability to walk in the world and leave no footprint (metamorphically speaking for us, but jaguars can be hard to track as they leave few, if any, tracks)

connection to the life force of the jungle.

curious and inquisitive instinct.

healing and bringing balance to life

can assist us with :

~finding long-term solutions, finding the cause of something. seeing wider possibilities than just the literal, and just the obvious (which are also useful in themselves, but transcending these area also useful)

~finding why something is happening, tracking the root cause

~releasing our karmic and ancestral pasts, releasing our biological inheritance that does not serve us, and our past lives – the stories that do not truly belong to who we are.

~noticing what we are thinking and believing, noticing our limiting beliefs, noticing unhelpful patterns
(for example, thinking thoughts in the pattern….‘when i….., then.[i can expect this to happen]…..’ or ‘if…..then…[i can expect this to happen]..’ can result in conditioned patterns that may or may not be helpful……’
we can ask ourselves ‘if i’m holding this belief, what am I creating in my world’

~owning our projections, owning the patterns that we have created, our core beliefs.

teaches us to:

~step in this world and beyond with grace, to ‘cross the rainbow bridge’.

~ leave our past selves behind and step into who we are becoming.

~“that which he endured was always changing and renewing itself’ (shaman healer sage’)

~‘it is important  to give the old self a decent burial, and then leap like a jaguar into who we are becoming’

~steward of the rainforest.

~to step beyond fear, beyond violence, beyond death.

~the luminous warrior – the peaceful warrior, who ‘has no need of enemies in this world of the next’ (four winds handout quote).

associated with:

~life, death, and rebirth – renewal. every moment is a brand new moment, sourced from the present and future.

~alberto associates this with the next brain that evolved (after the reptilian brain), the limbic brain, the mammalian brain

healing at this level includes : cognitive behavioural therapy, life coaching, affirmations. this is also level where psychotherapists and counsellors tend to work.


…………………………………….(picture: Susan Seddon Boulet)

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