journey to integrate shadow piece…



this is an exercise i’ve done many times, it is a combination of the exercises found in debbie ford’s book ‘dark side of the light chasers’, chris waters shadow workshops and my own experiences….

~ guided journey

this is essentially meeting these parts in a guided visualisation (guided by someone else, or by self). asking them specific questions, listening to the answers, finding out the qualities in each piece, and finding ways to accept the piece, the giftand integrate. this journey is a guideline….a framework….an example…feel free to explore and experiment with what feels good to you…

journey example.

taking a moment to relax, in a position where you feel comfortable, you can set your intention to journey to meet a piece of you that would be beneficial for you to integrate. as you feel your muscles relax, and your eyes close, you may yourself to find yourself in a beautiful place in nature. as you look around you may see trees, flowers…..what do you see….? your eyes are drawn to somewhere to sit…. is it a bench? a stone? part of a tree? an inviting piece of ground? you gently walk to this place to sit, and make yourself comfortable….

in this held, beautiful place, when you are ready, you can invite a piece of you to come sit with you in this place…. maybe you already know this pieces name, and can call to it by name…. maybe you wish to invite in a piece whose name you are to find…..
you notice someone walking towards you, you greet them, and you invite them to sit side by side with you in this beautiful place…
when you feel ready, you can ask them…
what is your name?

on their reply, you can greet them by their name, and ask them, listening for their reply…

[insert their name here]….what is the most important to you?

 [insert their name here] what are you most proud of?

 [insert their name here] what are you most afraid of?

 [insert their name here] what do you most want?

 [insert their name here] what can I learn from you? What is your gift?

 [insert their name here] what can I do to integrate you into myself?

 [insert their name here] how can I honour you?

on receiving the answers to these questions, you can now choose whether you are ready to integrate this part of you back to yourself, and you allow this to happen in a way that feels good for you to do so.

taking a deep breath, you feel how it feels to have this part as an accepted part of yourself again, with the gifts it can bring to your life.

when you are ready you get up from the place you are sitting, and walk to the place where this journey began…. noticing again the beautiful surrounding, the trees, the plants…any flowers…. gradually you begin to feel yourself back in your room, feeling your body and breath. taking a deep breath, again, take a moment to feel you feel how it feels to have this part as an accepted part of yourself again, and to take a moment to remember the gift and the honouring you can do for this part.

when you are ready, you might like to write down  the gifts this part has to offer, and the honouring that can be done for that part, an appreciation for the gifts.


* examples of names could include Angry Annie, Nasty Nick, Clever Clogs Carl ] Carl]

variations ~ other visualisations could include meeting part of self round a campfire, on a boat, in a car, on a bus or train, in the park sitting on a park bench etc.

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