kawak connections….



info on the kawak rites will be here….some rough notes for now are below, and the seers rites are essence-ially the same 🙂

the kawak rites where the seers rites in the munay ki is sourced from……essentially they are the same, though while in the munay ki, the ‘seers rites’ it is silent, in the traditional used when working with the journey of the four winds… ‘kawak rites’, there are words… seers being a english world for kawak…


..to me they connect us with the lineage of the kawak, the seers, connect us with their wisdom… so that we can learn from them, from their wisdom, that we can feel our connection with them… and so that this energy, this wisdom can assist us grow our learning… our training… our growing our skills in perceiving the world of energy….

in a beautiful safe way with the wisdom of those who have been there, done that… explored that… learned so much already…. standing on their shoulders of wisdom as others may stand on our wisdom that we find and share..


..in this attuning, to do so by creating and enhancing an energy pathway, similar perhaps to a meridian pathway, from the third eye chakra to the visual cortex, and from the heart chakra to the visual cortex, assisting the seeing of the world of energy…. and balancing this seeing the world of energy, with the vision of the heart…. that balance of the seeing with the third eye, and the wisdom of the heart…. the seeing from the heart, with the wisdom of the third eye…. and enlivening these with this wisdom of the kawak….


in munayki.org, alberto writes that this ‘installing extra-cerebral pathways’ we are awakening the ‘inner seer’.   In ‘shaman healer sage’, he calls this perceiving the world of energy ‘the second awareness’, and writes that this:

“allows you to perceive the stories contained within energy. you install fibres of light along the scalp that relay information from the third eye to the visual cortex, where it can be decoded and displayed in vibrant colour. We add to that the information streaming in from the heart on similar fibres of light…[and]…as you install extra-cerebral pathways to the visual cortex of the brain. visualise energy running through these pathways to activate them.”


some find this enhanced perception of energy takes days, other months or years…some already have this perception, but find this sense more balanced…some instantly so, and even then it still can grow….

for some, this increased awareness/perception of energy is predominantly perceived visually, while for some people energy is perceived kinaesthetically, through the sense of feeling. it is said that we do this with normal visual sense and other experiences too, we often use one sense more predominantly for others for perceiving, recording and recalling experiences, so it makes sense that it is the same in the world of energy too.


the actions of giving these attunements to the seers, the kawaks are here https://openingsacredspace.wordpress.com/seers-rite-gifting-the-rite/


the words of the kawak rites….that are added….

…the main words are the ‘kawak kawak kawak’, that enlivens and enlightens the pathways made….


no words are needed, but those i find quite powerful…


the other words if you’d like to bring them in too…i’m not sure where and when they were put in (i.e. if they were there at the beginning of these rites occuring or if they were more recent)…and in the english speaking countries, it is said in english….


the other words are commonly said when tracing pathways over the middle of each hemisphere,to me claire was spot on i feel about this balancing the hemispheres too…. and the words reflect that….and the words come from the qualities of these different hemispheres….


‘may his/her vision be balanced with….(the beauty of what the left hemisphere represents),’may his/her vision be balanced with…(the beauty of what the right hemisphere represents)


to me, this video gives a bit of an insight into these hemispheres…in a clear way…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UyyjU8fzEYU


some call these the divine feminine and the divine masculine in english, but i tend to use other words, as it encounters in me a gender specificity when it is part of both what we call ‘men’ and ‘women’…even tho in this rite we are clear that both is in each of us (we may find we in workshops etc to explore this more).


when the’hatun inkarri, hatun inkarri’and hatun kollari,, harun kollari’


‘hatun’ is ‘come’…


and inkarri and kollari, those are archetypical names that in a name represents to me these two hemispheres…


inkarri, that dynamic, inventiveness,structure, orders, ideas, individualiy

kollari, that acceptance, receptivity, nourishing, creativity, the feeling of all is one..


.i then often have found myself saying something like may your vision of the third eye be balanced with the wisdom of the heart, may your vision of the heart be balanced with the wisdom of the third eye…. though i may have added those words…this is a rite passed through generations they say….so keeping things the same as the original carries with it energy and wisdom of generations….. and i keep the same…. generally….  tho if my heart is clear for tiny changes like this, and i feel its agreed, then this is a tiny change…well addition really this, that you may wish to include…up to your hearts….




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